Chapter Three Bags Of Everything

Even if the reader never intends to perform a routine with the Cups and Balls I urge him to study this classic. A single routine can embrace so many magical effects that several valuable lessons can be learnt.

In a " Cups and Balls " routine one can produce, vanish, transpose, transform, penetrate, multiply, colour change etc., but above all it offers the ideal lesson in MISDIRECTION.

This trick of mine is really a version of the " Cups and Balls ". In place of the usual cups, three bags are employed and it is these bags which not only add novelty but also enable the moves to be so simplified that very little sleight of hand is required to bring about the " Cups and Balls " effects.

I originally designed the bags for use in the trick " Patriotic Balls"—hence one bag was made red in colour, the second white and the third blue, to correspond with the colour of the balls which would be used in that effect. It was whilst experimenting with the bags that I discovered that, due to certain properties of the material from which they were made (thin felt), balls could be made to remain in the bags even when they were placed mouth downwards on a table, then could be made to appear as and when required. From this discovery, new moves were evolved which together with the inclusion of some of the regular Cups and Balls moves, make it possible for complete routines to be built.

To the best of my knowledge, this is something quite new in " Cups and Balls" magic — apart from its novelty value, it is possible to bring about exceptional effects in a much simpler manner than is possible with the regular cups. The climax, where a glass full of wine is produced, is quite astounding although actually simple for the performer.

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