Chapter Nine Diminishing And Expanding Cards

The first person to teach me the finer points of card manipulation was CHARLES KETTLE, a very clever professional magician. He was about seventy years old when I took lessons from him but his hands could perform wonders.

In the act with which he had toured theatres, circuses and even fairgrounds for many years, he performed his own version of the Diminishing Cards, which he told me was a combination of Robert Houdin's and Charles Bertram's methods. It was a Fan Diminish (Rober Houdin) but in addition, four cards of varying sizes were palmed in his hand (like Charles Bertram) and as the fan of cards diminished, so would he remove a card from the fan (really one of the smaller cards) for comparison with a full sized card.

With this idea as a base, I evolved a routine wherein the smaller cards were placed in pockets stuck on the back of one of the fanned cards. This routine was published in my book " Expert Manipulation of Playing Cards".

Since the publication of that book the routine has been simplified and the expanding effect added, so here is the new version.

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