Ali Bongos Addition

At the CONGRESS OF THE BRITISH MAGICAL SOCIETY, ALI BONGO won a prize for his performance of a clever routine; a description of which is given below. Ali has added to the Marconick routine a needle threading effect which has been published in a number of books. However, although the threading idea is not new, it is the dovetailing together of the two effects which makes the BONGO routine so very effective.

An addition is required to the initial preparation in that a needle is threaded onto the end of the thread in a certain way-Illustration Number 2

will make this clear.

1. Select a needle with a large eye and, after the thread has been pre pared on the bobbin (exactly as for the Marconick routine), pass the end ot the thread through the eye of the needle (Figure 16).

2. Now take the needle in a half circle in a clockwise direction and pass the point through BOTH lengths of thread. In Figure 1 6 the points through which the needle passes are shown by "x" "x".

3. Pull the needle and thread through the two lengths of thread (the strands will part to allow the passage of the needle and thread) and you will

4. Continue pulling on the needle until the loop is pull ed tight and the result will be as in Figure 1 8.

All is now prepared for you to perform the complete routine-all you appear to have is a needle threaded on to the thread on the bobbin. To hold everything in place until you are ready, the needle can be passed under a few strands of thread on the bobbin.

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