Besides their inherently intriguing qualities, blank cards provide a host of methodological possibilities for packet magic. The following is a version of the Tenkai "Flying Queen" plot (more commonly known in the West as die "1 loming Card," not to be confused widi die Grippo-Carlyle plot of that name), with several extra surprises. This was originally published in die January, 1979 issue of Genii, and later that year in the booklet Snow.

Five cards are required: die aces of hearts and spades, two blank-faced cards and a blank-hacked queen of clubs. The packet is arranged from die face: ace of hearts, ace of spades, blank-backed queen of clubs, blank-facer, blank-facer.

Begin by holding the packet face-down. Using either an Ascanio or a Double-Buckle Spread, display the cards as four, showing four backs. (The blank back of the queen is hidden below the second card.) Square the cards and turn them face-up.

Do a Jordan Count as you say, "I will do some magic with the four aces." The spectators will see three aces and a queen, and will say as much.

Pretend to be confused. Flip the packet face-down as you say, "No, 1 only have tour cards..." Do a Single-Buckle Spread to show four facedown cards. During this spreading action, the third card (actually two cards squared as one) is jogged forward, as in figure 38.

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