As you make this cut, say, "So you sec, I do have five cards; but that information is of no help to you, as all five have red backs. By the way, do you know the color of the suits of the cards?"

The spectators will answer, with a bit of confusion, that you hold cards of both red and black suits. "No, that was before, when I had only four cards. Now I have five—and they are red on both sides!"

Display the packet fronts and backs, using an Olram Subtlety: Flip die packet face-up and hold it in the left hand. Thumb the face-card (the ten) into the right hand. Both hands rotate palms-down to display red backs. Turn the hands palm-up and place the right hand's card face-up on the table, to the right. Simultaneously, the left hand thumbs the card at the face of its stock (the jack) face-up to the left of the ten. Thumb the queen into the right hand.

Again, rotate die hands to show red backs, then turn the hands palm-up. The right hand places its queen to the left of the tabled jack, as the left hand deals the card at die face of its packet (the king) to the left of die queen. The remaining card in the left hand (the ace) is shown on both sides, then placed on the left end of the row.

To clean up, casually gather the cards with the jack and king at the face of the packet. Flip the packet face-down and grasp it from above with the right hand. Obtain a break with the right thumb above the lower pair of (blue-backed) cards. With the left hand, pick up the deck.

"You sec, diese cards don't even belong in this blue deck." As you say this, use a "kiss" action to load the two cards below the break onto the pack.

The three red-backed cards in your right hand (which die audience believes to be five) are placed into your pocket, leaving you with a complete blue-backed deck in play. Y'ou may wish to have die red-backed jack and king of hearts in your pocket, so that later the full set of five cards can be given out. I have never felt the need to bother with this.

Your closing comments are, "What you must remember is, with magic you can always trust your magician—to baffle you! I trust you enjoyed it!"

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