This is a variation on the previous roudne. It begins widi the same effect, but the handling is changed to permit some extra magic to be done.

You need four jokers: two with blue backs, two with red backs. At die start, one red-backed joker is in your pocket, face outward. The odier three jokers are in order: blue, red, blue.

Open with the same patter given in the previous routine. The packet is displayed as four blue-backed jokers, using a count of mine called the Ghostback Count. This count combines die Stanyon Count with the Hamman Back Count: Hold the diree-card packet face-up in right-hand Pinch Grip. Rotate the hand inward to show a blue back, then renirn the hand palm-up. On die count of "one," the left thumb draws the uppermost card into the left hand.

The right hand again rotates down and up to display a blue back. On the count of "two," the right thumb pushes the top card of the right-hand pair into the left hand and, at the same time, the single card from the left hand is stolen back beneath the right hand's remaining card.

Rotate the right hand once again. Here, the right thumb pushes its top card over, thus displaying two blue backs. Return die right hand palm-up and, on the count of "diree," take the top card of the right-hand pair into the left hand. The right hand rotates down and up, again showing a blue back, and on the count of "four" this last card is taken onto die left-hand stock. With this count you have apparently shown four blue-backed jokers.

At the finish of the count, the order of the face-up packet is, from the face: blue, blue, red. As you comment on die difficulty of doing magic with four identical jokers, remove the lowermost card (the red one), gesture with it, then replace it on the face of the packet.

Flip the cards face-down and perform a Half-Pass, secretly reversing the bottom card. (Alternatively, die Krenzel Mechanical Reverse can be used here.) Make a magical gesture, then do a Stanyon Count, placing the last card on the bottom. This displays one face-up joker among three blue backs.

Make another magical gesture, then perform a normal Stanyon Count, showing two face-up jokers and two blue backs.

Perform a Half-Pass, secredy reversing the lowermost card. Make a magical gesture, then do a Stanyon Count, showing three face-up jokers.

Make a magical gesture. Do a Stanyon Count, again showing three face-up jokers. Here express anger at the final joker for not turning over.

Make another magical gesture, to try to cause the last joker to turn over. Perform a Stanyon Count. Again, three face-up jokers are seen with one face-down card.

At this point, the face-down card is at the bottom of the packet. Perform a Half-Pass to reverse this card. As you do this, say that you will solve the problem of the last joker by making it disappear. 'l oss die three jokers, one at a time, onto the table, showing that the fourdi joker has vanished.

Reach into your pocket and take out the red-backed joker, but do not reveal its red back to the audience.

Gather the four jokers together, forming a face-up packet, in order from the face: red, red, blue, blue.

Offer to perform another routine with the jokers. Flip the packet facedown. Make a magical gesture and perform an Elmsley Count, showing that one of the backs has changed to red.

Make another magical gesture. Perform a straight count, legitimately reversing die order of die cards while displaying two reds and two blues.

Make a magical gesture, dien perform a Jordan Count, showing three reds and one blue.

At this point, the two reds are above the two blues in the face-down packet. The spectators believe that you have three reds and one blue, though they are not certain about the position of that blue card.

Pause for a moment. Then say, "I have one joker left to change from blue to red. It must be die same joker that was being difficult before."

Pull back die top two cards, squared as one, injogging the double card for about half its length. You have apparently pulled back the top card, exposing the last blue card. Now perform a Paintbrush Change; that is, push the injogged double card forward and square with the packet, dien immediately draw just the top card back again. The blue back instantly seems to change to red.

The effect is over. All four backs have apparendy changed color. You may, if you wish, redisplay the cards with a Diminishing Lift sequence: Flip the packet face-up. Perform a Triple Turnover, showing a red back. Flip the triple card face-up and deal the top joker to the table. Perform a Double Turnover, showing a red back. Flip the double card face-up and deal the top joker to die table. Flip over the next card, showing a red back. Flip it face-up again and deal it to die table. Snap the final card over, showing a red back, dien toss it face-up onto the others.

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