It is also possible to do a combined routine in the opposite order, starting with die "twisting" routine and ending with the "elevator" routine.

Begin by performing the "Chromatwist" routine up to the point where the trey, having been caused to turn face-up, has been reinserted into the packet. The cards are now in numerical sequence, with the four at the face.

Flip the packet face-down and obtain a break beneath the top two cards. Then perform a Half-Pass, secredy reversing the pair beneath the break.

Do a standard Through-the-Fist Flourish (which does not reverse die packet). Then perform a Jordan Count, displaying the face-up four among three backs. The four (with the three hidden beneath it) is jogged forward during this count.

Extract the jogged double card with the right hand, rotate the squared pair face-down and place it beneadi the left-hand stock. The cards are again in sequence, and you are ready to perform "Chromavator" from the beginning.

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