It is possible to combine die last two routines into a longer sequence, saving die color-change climax until the end. To do this, it is necessary to complete the first routine without revealing the odd-colored back.

Start by performing "Chromavator," to the point where you have just apparendy transferred the diree to the bottom of the packet, then turned up the top card to show the three back on top. Now flip the three facedown and apparently shift it to the bottom. In fact, die left hand performs a Pull-Down with die bottom card of the packet, and die tliree is inserted into the break above the pulled-down card. As you push the three square, catch a left little-finger break above it.

Perform a Double Turnover, displaying die four. Flip die double card face-down.

Perform a Triple Lift, transferring three cards squared as one to the bottom.

Make a magical gesture, then perform a Triple Turnover, showing the four back on top.

Flip the triple card face-down and perform a Triple Lift, transferring three cards squared as one to the bottom. Regrasp the packet in right-hand Biddlc Grip. The left hand holds the packet from below in dealing grip, and the left little finger obtains a break above the bottom card via a Buckle or Pull-Down. The left rhumb rests on top of the packet.

State diat you will perform further magic with the four cards. As this is said, the hands separate. The left hand milks away the top and bottom cards, as the right hand strips out the center pair. The right hand's stock is placed on top of die left's.

This simple cutting action results in the restoration of the cards to numerical sequence, with the four at the face. You can condnue now with " Chroma twist."

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