Wrong Way Coins

Slydini spreads six silver dollars in front of him on a table. He picks up three of the coins, deliberately and openly, one at a time, with the right hand and the other three with his left. You actually see the coins in each hand. Making a loose fist he jingles the three coins in one hand and asks a spectator to say "by the jingle" how many coins are in that hand. He repeats with the other hand. Both hands are in full view and lifted away and above the table. When spectator has firmly stated that there are three coins in each hand —and he can still see them— Slydini slaps one fist on the table and the other against the underside. He lifts both hands clear of the table and leans back. All six coins are now on top of the table!

Before presenting the "Wrong Way Coins," Slydini advises the spectator that he will ask him to reach his hand under the table. "But," adds Slydini, "when I ask for your hand, reach towards my hand immediately ..."

Method and Presentation: Start out by displaying the six half dollars in a left-to-right row on the table. Starting with the two outside coins, pick them up and slide them onto the next one, working toward the center simultaneously with both hands. Now, grasp the coins together edgewise between thumb and middle finger of each hand and hold them up for all to see (Foto 1).

Slydini asks: "Do you think it is possible by just doing this [he closes both hands into a fist allowing the coins to jingle and makes a throwing motion with both fists towards each other] that I can have accomplished anything?"

The reason for this feint is to implant a suspicion in the minds of the spectators that he has made a switch. After the feint, Slydini rests both hands at edge of table.

Regardless of the answer, Slydini states: "It doesn't matter what you think ... I cannot show you the coins anymore but, by the jingle, you should be able to tell how many coins are in my right hand ... Listen ..."

Slydini leans toward spectator and lifts right fist holding coins towards his victim (Foto 2). "How many coins do I have here . . . Listen . . ." Again, "How many did you say?" Slydini asks anew and jingles the coins in his right fist. Satisfied, at last, he says "O.K." and allows his hand to rest on the table.

Now, with his right hand still on the table, Slydini turns his body towards the left, stretches his left arm (Foto 3), coins held loosely in fist and flashing through thumb opening as he jingles them and asks "Three? . . . O.K." Slydini rests both hands at edge of table as he waits for assent.

"I'll do it once more and I'll fool you. Watch!"

Repeat the jingling with right hand but this time don't rest right hand at edge of table but keep it up with el-

bow at edge of table (Foto 4). Now, repeat jingle and question with left hand.

Position of right arm and fist is critical. Study foto 4. Fist is two to three inches above edge of table.

You are now in position to execute the Imp-Pass (Foto 4A is exposed view of pick up) which you now proceed to do as you request:

"Give me your hand under the table . . . Here . . . Here . . ."

As you say this, lean right side of body against right hand (Foto 5) and reach with left under table. Immediately (with coins already in it) make a motion with right hand, asking spectator to "Come here . . . come here . . ." (Foto 6). As soon as spectator reaches over, spread all six coins smartly on top of the table. They have penetrated up!

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