Unpredictable Coins

In this effect, Slydini picks up three silver dollars with his left hand, three more silver dollars with his right hand, curls both hands into fists, raises them high above the table and wide apart and—three coins vanish from one fist and join the three in his other fist. Impossible? Not if you follow directions ...

This particular effect, though less technically taxing than other Slydini coin conceits, remains at the top in coin magic because of its element of surprise. It is such a "quickie" that spectators are gasping with unbelief because they think what they are witnessing is nothing more than preliminary hocus-pocus and are surprised by the rapid climax. It is important that you do everything as slowly and deliberately as good showmanship allows. If you hurry, your audience

may miss the entire effect and you will have ruined your presentation. Method and Presentation: As you patter, put six silver dollars (or half dollars) on the table in a horizontal row, off-centered towards right, and rest both hands at table edge (Foto 1).

Starting with third coin in from the right, pick up the three coins on that side —one at a time— with your left fingers. When you have all three, open your hand and show the three coins spread on your left palm (Fotos 2 and 3). Note that as you display the coins, the edge of your left palm should rest on the table close to the remaining coins with fingers slanting towards right. Say something such as: "See, three in my left hand."

With your right fingers, pick up the remaining three coins —one at a time— beginning at right and striking each coin smartly on the other as you count aloud: "One . . . two . . . three . . ." On the count of "three" slide the last coin up against edge of open left palm (Foto 4).

At this point you have to do things with split-second timing:

Immediately on the count of "three," raise your right hand in a fist (Foto 5) leaving the coins in a stack at edge of left palm and say: "And now . . ." At the precise moment that your right hand leaves the coins on the table, your left turns over, covers the tabled coins and makes a loose fist (Foto 5A shows position of hands just before left turns over).

Properly done and timed, the jingle made by the coins spread on your left palm as the hand turns over and


closes loosely, seems to come from the coins apparently picked up by right hand.

When your left hand covers the tabled coins, rest your right hand on table even with your left. As you say "And now," relax your body against chair back drawing both arms with it (Foto 6). Meantime, you have pressed your left fingertips against edges of tabled coins. As your hands slide back over table top, tabled coins are drawn to edge of table by your left hand. When they are slightly over the edge, press down with heel of your hand. This will enable you to grasp the coins securely between heel of hand and fingertips.

You should have your spectators convinced that you have three coins in your left hand and three in your right.

Raise both hands in the air (Foto 7). Now you can "pass" the coins through the table or make them "fly" from one hand to the other with a jingle.

As a follow-up, you may like to "do it again":

When you have shown that the six coins are together in one hand, remark, "I don't think you were paying attention . . . I'll do it again."

Start and proceed exactly as described above for fotos 1-5.

Now—instead of leaving the three coins on the table—leave only two and retain the third in your right hand. You will wind up as in foto 5.

As you patter, turn right fist over (Foto 8) and move the coin to the base of the thumb edgewise (as you would a stack of three).


Continue talking (say something like, "I want you to remember") emphasizing your words by gesturing with your closed right hand. Look at the spectator —not at your hand— as you contrive to flash the coin (Foto 9).

Once spectators are convinced that you have three coins in each hand, drop right hand to table and relax against chairback as before drawing arms back and sliding hands over table top.

This time allow the coin in your right hand to drop over edge of table and into your lap as you relax (Foto 6) while your left hand secures the two tabled coins as before.

Raise both hands (Foto 7), say "Remember, three and three . . . and now, through the table . . ." Drop left hand on lapped coin, slap right hand on table and bring your left as quickly as possible to jingle the coins against underside of table.

The coins have penetrated!

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