Two Cigarettes From

This is one of Slydini's impromptu "quickies." In effect, he shows an ordinary cigarette, breaks it, puts one of the broken portions on the table, restores the portion remaining in his hands to its original, full-size condition, and puts the complete cigarette on the table. His hands have been continuously in sight.

Picking up the second half of original cigarette (which has been on the table from the beginning), Slydini grasps it between the fingertips of both hands and forms it into a full-size cigarette. He has made two cigarettes from one!

It is impossible to emphasize too strongly the fact that no amount of description and illustration can convey the impact of the effects perfected by Slydini. This book gives you the bases for performing them but only your own willingness to work at the details together with proper timing, coordination and misdirection can transform a "trick" into a magically perfect illusion.

The preparation for this effect? Practically nil: Have a cigarette in your lap and a piece of cigarette (approximately half) clipped between thumb and fore and middle fingers as you display the full cigarette. (See fotos 1 and 1A. Foto 1A is exposed view.)


As you display the cigarette with your right hand, say: "A cigarette . . . I'm going to break it right in half. . ." (Foto 2). Bring your left hand up and, with its fingertips, grasp the cigarette about the center and draw it away to your left (Foto 3). At the same time,

allow your right hand to fall to rest position on the table with piece of cigarette still held in its lingers (Foto 3A is exposed view).

Bring your hands together and again grasp cigarette at center as in foto 4. (Foto 4A is exposed view of this position.)

As your right hand covers that end of cigarette, slide tip of right thumb to right end of cigarette and push the cigarette into your left hand until the tip of the whole cigarette is almost even with broken end of piece clipped by your right fingers.

With the nails of your left thumb and forefinger, pinch and break off a minute portion of end of half cigarette in your right fingers keeping this broken bit close to the exposed tip of the complete cigarette. Thus you will appear to be showing two ragged ends

as you push up and out to display what seems to be a full cigarette broken at its center (Foto 5).

Put the half cigarette on the table as you say, "This piece goes here . . ." As you match your actions to your words, move your left hand (holding whole cigarette) up and towards you (Foto 6) turning that hand so that tip of cigarette faces your chest or shoulder squarely.

Join your hands once more (Foto 7) as you grasp cigarette

between their fingertips around center. Rapidly and alternately, slide fingertips of both hands on and then completely off corresponding ends of cigarette exposing half of the cigarette each time (Fotos 8 and 9).

Suddenly, stop with fingertips together as in foto 7, then open

your fingers showing restored cigarette (Foto 10) and sliding thumbs and forefingers outwards to both ends of cigarette.

Drop the restored cigarette to the table next to the broken piece (Foto 11) and come to rest position (Foto 12).

As your right hand falls into your lap, it picks up the cigarette

you have foresightedly put there before starting your presentation. If you will clip the end of the cigarette between side of ball of thumb and first joint of forefinger, you can then reach out with your fingers to scoop up the broken piece from the table (Foto 13).

Saying, "... and this piece . . ." brush "this piece" right over edge of table and bring your hands together in the now familiar position around the full cigarette (Foto 14).

Repeat the motions described for fotos 7, 8, 9 and 10. Throw the second "restored" cigarette on the table alongside the first as

you show your empty hands and lean back saying: "And so, we get two cigarettes from one!"

Slydini "Touches"

Foto 6: It is important that tip of cigarette should be fully turned away from spectators or they may notice that it is no longer ragged.

Fotos 7, 8, 9: In making these motions, keep hands close to your chest and slide your fingers on and off as rapidly as you possibly

can. The optical illusion should be that you are actually manipulating the half cigarette.

Foto 12: In dropping your hands, your left comes to rest on the table; simultaneously, your right drops into your lap.

Foto 13: Don't "rest" more than a split second! Immediately upon securing the lapped cigarette —and while spectators are still gasping— bring your right hand up and onto the piece of cigarette on the table.

Editor's Note: This effect, under the title of "Half and Half," appeared in the May, 1958 issue of "M-U-M," the official organ of The Society of American Magicians. However, "M-U-M" is received only by the members of the Society and we felt the effect deserves a wider field and the greater permanence of a book. It has, therefore, been completely re-written and illustrated.



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