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I want to take. this opportunity to thank all those friends who have, been caking that I put more, of my magic Into print» I hope, that the. following pages uUIZ please, them as much a6 those that have, gone before..

I want to thank Vr. Leon Nathans on whose obstinate. persistence finally made. me. give. In and settle down to the. task.

I want to thank Mike. Llttman and Phil Man halt u)ho patiently took and then developed and printed the. Innumerable, photographs from which we. selected the. not Inconsiderable number which Illustrate these pages.

I want to thank Kl Stevenson (posthumously) lor the warm friendship which prompted him, after a day's hard work, to walk to my studio and take the notes from which most of the effects here given were fashioned. To Al I am also Indebted for the book's title and that of the "Imp-Pass." They are both a memorial to him.

I want to thank Cliff Green for his Introduction, his write-up of "Thumb-Tipping" and his unflagging friendship and help.

I want to thank Allan Greenberg for his moral and material support and encouragement.

I want to thank my old friend, Blanca Lopez, for making available to Leon the experience she gained with Jean Huga/id in zditing matztial {¡on. the. magic lizld. I thank hzn., too, ion. thz book'A design.

La&t, but not Iza&t, I want to thank another old inlznd, Nat B&in&tzin, fan. hl& help In pn.oo^n.zading, pastz-up and production, and Hull (Mu. BeAnstzin) ion. hzn. angelic patizncz at oun. production and zdLutoniaJL mzztingi In theJJi Tofizbt Hills apa/utrnznt u)hlch &hz madz warn and bzanablz with couYitleJ>* cup4 wzU.-bn.mzd co^zz-and.

Nzzdlz&A to ¿ay, thJj> book could nzvzn. havz bzzn donz without thz cooperation J n.zczivzd £ zach and all.

I tn.uMt that you, ^on. whom it has bzzn publishzd, wilt approvz thz linal rz&uXt.

Nzw York, Szptembzr 1966

Nzw York, Szptembzr 1966

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