Slydini Touches

1. When you pick up the ball at beginning of routine, your thumb slips into loop. Make sure that your fingers hold the ball firmly. If it slips and hangs from loop your effect is dead. For the same reason, keep your distance so that loop won't be visible to spectators.

2. Refer to fotos 9 and 10. This is the most critical move of the entire routine. It must be done very fast and in perfect coordination or the ball will be seen. From position in foto 9, both hands simultaneously and suddenly curl inwards and then straighten out traveling towards center (Foto 10).

The ball cannot be seen because the curled fingers act as a shield. The inserted foto A is a side view showing ball traveling over outer base of thumb and behind curved fingers. Don't start ball over until you have curled the fingers.

This move must be practiced until it is mastered perfectly. A split second of time and ball will become visible.

3. Fotos 10, 11, 12: Keep your hands close together throughout this sequence. A slight opening and ball will flash.

4. In describing this sequence, we have numbered the different moves (1-6). This was deemed desirable for the sake of clarity. However, it should be performed in smooth, continuous motion.


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