Slydini Touches

1. Slydini prefers silver dollars as they make a louder jingle than the halves.

2. In order not to make the off-centering of the row of coins too obvious, start by sitting a little towards right. When you have placed the coins off center, move your chair a bit towards left as if to sit more comfortably.

3. To make it easier and not fumble, always pick up the coins one by one by placing tip of thumb on top, fingertips of fore and middle fingers beneath, and sliding one coin over the next.

4. Fotos 3 and 4: When you feign to pick up the second trio of coins with your right hand, do so as follows:

Pick up first coin, strike it against top of second coin, pick up second coin and strike both coins against top of third coin. As you strike the third coin, push it lightly with tip of curled middle finger towards edge of left palm, but don't pick it up. The key word is "lightly." Coins should be close to edge of left palm but don't push too hard or you'll make your audience suspicious.

5. When you turn your left hand over (Fotos 4, 5, 5A), make sure to keep your fist very loose. This will ensure that the jingle made by the coins sliding over each other and then dropping from palm to fingers will be as loud as possible. Practice this turnover until you achieve satisfaction.

6. Foto 9: The flashing of the coin should not be glaring. It must seem that you are not concerned whether the "coins" are seen or not.

7. Don't worry about going to edge of table to drop the single coin. If you have performed the effect properly, spectators should be convinced that you have three coins in your right hand and they would jingle if you drop them. They never suspect that you have only one coin —which can't jingle— in your right hand.




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