Slydini Touches

Refer to Foto 5: Don't exert anv j pressure with your thumb or protruding end of rope will fall forward. Hold rope loosely but securely.

Foto 8: When pulling the ropes to "count" and "separate" them, move both hands apart in unison and on the same plane. As the end of the first piece drops and swings free, follow up the rhythm of the swinging rope so that you pick up the two looped pieces on the upswing and thus create the illusion that the piece now hanging has returned from its leftward swing. Foto 9: The switch of the single piece for the looped ones must be made in one continuous smooth motion. Don't leave the one and pick up the other. Slide the single piece into thumb crotch while open fore and middle fingers clip the looped pieces between.

Foto 10: If you will allow one end of the looped piece to drop, and slide the other portions through your left fingers, the illusion created will be perfect: The first piece is still in your right hand and you are drawing the second one out of your left to join the first.

When you have finished the usual presentation say: "Just so you'll know there's nothing wrong with the rope, here's a souvenir..." Take an end from your hand, pull the short piece free, throw it to a spectator. Do the same with the remaining two pieces. Your audience will satisfy themselves that the rope you've been using has no strings, no magnets, no trap doors . . .


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