Slydini has another "utility" move which, on its own, is one of his sneakiest; combined with the Imp-Pass it has aided and abetted him for years in bewildering, baffling and —last but certainly by no means least— entertaining his audiences wherever he has used it in his performances. The layman is normally entertained and is therefore satisfied with the effect which he knows is accomplished by some mysterious hand-is-quicker-than-the-eye hocus pocus—the method for which interests him not at all. The most bewildered are, usually, magicians who know an impossibility when they see one.

Here, then, is not only the answer to a puzzle but an invaluable tool for instantaneously vanishing any object which can be displayed in the palm of your outstretched hand.

The effect, simply stated, doesn't seem startling: Slydini tosses a coin (say) into his palm, he makes a fist, opens his hand—the coin has vanished!

Start by placing your left hand palm up at edge of table as in foto 1: Knuckle of little finger is at edge of table, outstretched fingers point slightly towards right, outside of hand barely touches table.

Using the knuckle of the little finger as a pivot, turn your hand over, curve your fingers inwards, and allow your fingertips to come together on table top (Foto 2). Don't move the hand. Keep knuckle at edge of table. If you raise it, you will expose the fall of the object you are lapping.

Keeping your fingers motionless and together, start to lean forward. Allow the forward motion of your body to push your arm forward and your fingers to 31

curl inwards from their stationary tips and to form a fist (Foto 3).

The foregoing, of necessity, reads as if it were three separate moves. For purpose of description this is unavoidable. However, it is all one continuous motion.

Don't complicate it: Display the object you are going to vanish on your palm, turn the hand over, show the fist. Period.



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