For those of us who have the pleasure and privilege of close association with Slydini, the present volume is a reference work to his exquisite artistry.

Those of you who know "Tony" only through the pages of The Magic of Slydini, will find this book an excellent opportunity to renew the acquaintance.

It is, however, much more. In these pages, Slydini discloses for the first time a devilishly original sleight which opens the door to performing seeming miracles. It has been aptly named, "The Imp-Pass." Take it from a sophisticated eye witness: In the Imp-Pass, Slydini has given Magic a tool of almost limitless application, a basic sleight which —when properly executed— will make your audience gasp in sheer amazement. Whether you use it for coins, cards, cups and balls, cigarettes, or what have you, the effect is incredible.

Among many other select items, this book also contains one of Slydini's choice tid-bits: the "Revolve Vanish."

These sleights and effects are described in minute detail, supplemented with illustrations. The next best thing to having Slydini personally showing you, is this book. Nevertheless and regardless of the excellent work done by Dr. Leon Nathanson, the late A1 Stevenson and Blanca Lopez's editing, there is no substitute for personal instruction. If ever you find yourself in mid-Manhattan, pay a visit to Slydini and ask him to perform any of the effects in this "Encores." I'll wager anything, he'll mystify you even though you "know all about it."

It is indeed a pleasure to write this introduction for "Encores." This book is really a tribute to a great artist and a fine human being.

—Cliff Green

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