Cigarette Reincarnation

Like all of Slydini's effects, his "Cigarette Re-Incarnation" astonishes everyone for whom he performs it—particularly magicians.

Slydini shows an ordinary, filterless cigarette, holds it with fingertips of both hands and puts a broken portion of cigarette on the table before him until he has three pieces there. He then picks up the pieces, one by one, puts them into the open palm of one hand, makes a fist, pushes thumb of other hand into fist. From the closed fist, a complete and perfectly undamaged cigarette emerges.

The effect takes just a few minutes and can be used as an introduction or an encore to another cigarette trick. You can also use it as a flourish or an attention-getter: Once your re-incarnated cigarette is revealed, light up and continue with the conversation or go on with your repertoire.

Preparation: Put a cigarette in your lap. The position is important: The cigarette should lie horizontally across your lap (Foto 1).

Begin by offering a cigarette for examination. While it is being examined, show your hands, front and back. Make all motions deliberately, slowly.

Take back the cigarette. Holding it between thumbs and forefingers of both hands make mo-115

tions as if breaking it about one-third down from one end (Foto 2).

Ask something like: "Have I broken it?" The answer is "yes" or "no" depending on whether you have done so or not. In any case, you do break off a piece and put it on the table saying (more or less): "We put a piece here . . ." Repeat, breaking balance of cigarette in half and remark —as you put the pieces one behind the other—- ". . . another here . . . and here . . ." (Foto 3).

Dust your hands off and, making a wide gesture (Foto 4), inquire "How many pieces do we have here?" Time words and gesture so that your hands reach their highest point at the exact moment you utter the word "here."

Simultaneously drop your left hand to edge of table and your right to lap and over lapped cigarette (Foto 5) in complete relaxation. (Foto 5A is an exposed view at this point.)

Pick up the lapped cigarette and, as you raise your hand, palm it between center of palm and joint of thumb (Foto X).

Before spectator can answer, bring both hands up saying, "Tell me!" (Foto 4). Rest both hands on table edge (Foto 6).

It is very important that no additional motion be made here. Both hands fall naturally. You come to a complete and natural pause.

Saying "O.K. . . ." turn left hand palm up (in position for Revolve-Vanish, page 31). With right fingers, pick up the three pieces —one at a time— counting: "Number one, number two, number three..." (Foto 7; foto 7A is exposed view showing cigarette palmed.) Put the pieces right into center of your left palm as illustrated. Bring right hand to rest for a fraction of a second at edge of

table and perform Revolve-Vanish. Right hand with palmed cigarette rests just far enough from open left palm so that when left hand turns over it covers right fingers (Foto 8). As soon as you have done this, raise both hands just as they are and bring them up and forward.

With right thumb start to push into side of your left fist (Foto 9). Continue pushing and so force cigarette out at the opposite end of fist (Foto 10).

Take the cigarette, at the furthest end, between the tips of your right thumb and forefinger; display it, turning and showing both hands perfectly clean (Foto 11), and hand the cigarette to any spectator for examination.

Cigarette Palm

At this point, several things happen all at once: (a) As your left hand turns, the three broken cigarette pieces fall into your lap; (b)

the outside edge of your left palm comes into contact with the outside of your right fingers; (c) as your left hand covers your right, right forefinger presses against tip of cigarette at thumb. The pressure will: raise that end of cigarette resting on your palm which will enable you to pivot the cigarette by allowing the insertion of tip of right middle finger. Middle finger pushes cigarette until it makes a half arc and comes to rest horizontally in the palm of your covering left hand. Fotos X, Y and Z are exposed views of the action.



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