Visiting Card Surprise

This effect uses the Leveridge Envelope as a magical way to produce your visiting card and to hopefully at the same time impress your booker.

REQUIREMENTS: 1. One Leveridge Envelope of a size which is slightly bigger than your visiting card. 2. A playing card of any value or a visual joke card of some sort. 3. One business card. 4. A blank piece of card. This should be small enough for you to be able to slip it under the side flaps when pushed 'into' the envelope from the fake side.

PREPARATION: Put your visiting card first into the real side of the envelope, printed side facing outwards. On top of this put the playing card or joke card face down. Close this side of the envelope.

Now slip the blank card under the false side flaps and 'into' the envelope from the fake side. The card will appear to be inside the envelope. Close the open flap. Have the envelope set up in this way in your wallet. I carry mine permanently set up so that I can perform at any time.

PRESENTATION: Assuming that you are talking with a potential booker, you have reached the point where you are going to offer your card. Remove the envelope from your wallet and hold it in your left hand, the thumb on the lower of the two flaps, the fingers underneath.

The right hand opens the other flap to reveal the blank card apparently inside, and then removes it. You show both sides of the card and appear surprised that it is not printed. You explain that sometimes the last card of a pile can miss the print.

As a solution you offer to make a card appear by magic. The right hand closes the envelope and the envelope is turned over by rotating it around the left thumb, the front short edge of the envelope being rotated over towards you.

As soon as the envelope is address side up, the hold on the flaps of the left fingers is slackened, so that the two flaps drop open slightly. This enables the left second finger to pull down gently on the lower left hand flap so that it comes out from underneath the other flap and is now the new top one. Because the overlap of the two flaps is only small, this job is done in a second.

You now snap the back of the envelope and turn it flap side up again by this time turning the envelope over from side to side. This means the upper flap still opens as before to the right.

The envelope is held once again in the left hand, thumb holding the lower flaps, fingers underneath. The right hand opens the envelope to show the playing card or joke card inside. This is a surprising appearance because the envelope was shown unmistakably empty a few moments before. The right hand pulls out the card, the left hand turning the envelope towards you so that the visiting card inside is not seen yet.

The right hand turns the card over and lays it onto the flap side of the envelope, pushing the open flap shut with the edge of the card in doing so.

This, however, is not your business card, so you apologise for producing the wrong sort of card and offer to try again. You turn the envelope over from right to left, snap the back of it with the right fingers, and without switching the flaps turn it over again from right to left, and open it to reveal your visiting card which you can now hand over to the booker.

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