Transpo Note Revisited

The routine called "Transpo Note" (p.38) requires you to apparently burn a £5 note which later appears inside an envelope previously given to a spectator. The Utility Switch Envelope provides a particularly clean way of secretly obtaining the borrowed note.

You have reached the point at the beginning of the trick where you have borrowed a £5 note and have had its (?) number written down by the spectator. You then fold the note a couple of times across its width.

Fig. 34


Pick up the Utility Switch Envelope with the left hand, open its flap, and with the right hand push the bank note into the top of the envelope and through the slit until it begins to emerge at the base. Fig. 34. Notice how the bottom of the envelope is covered from view by the left hand.

You then raise the envelope flap to your mouth to lick the flap and use the right hand to stick it down.

Gripping the top of the envelope with the right hand, the left hand comes away with the note retained hidden in the fingers. Fig. 35. and goes to the left jacket pocket for the lighter or matches to burn the envelope, the note being simply left behind in the pocket.

Although the above does not alter the presentation of "Transpo Note" in any way, it does make the steal much easier and cleaner, and of course this method can be used with any burnt and restored note routine.

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