The Utility Switch Envelope

Utility Switch Envelope

1. Cut E1 as indicated by the dotted lines. Discard the loose pieces.

2. This is what you should be left with. Bend out the side flaps as shown.

3. Slit carefully down the sides of E2.

4. Fold down the front part, E2b. this front piece is now only attached to E2a by the small piece of envelope marked 'X'. Carefully prise the two pieces apart by separating the glue. Place E2b aside, you will need it later.

5. E2a now looks like this. With a pair of scissors carefully trim 1/16th inch off the sides as shown by the dotted lines. Then cut a slit about one inch down from the top across almost all the envelope's width.

6. Lay E1 on the table, side flaps bent out as shown. Apply a half inch strip of glue as shown by the shaded area. Stick E2a, as it is in Fig. 5. onto E1. The line where the flap folds on E2a should be exactly in line with the top edge of E1.

7. This is how it should now look. E2A with its slit one inch from the top, is now stuck by its top half inch to E1 which is un-


8. Bend the side flaps on E1 inwards. They should be able to fold round the edges of E2a without in any way buckling or bending E2a. If necessary, trim the edges of E2a slightly. Apply glue as shown to the tops of the bent in side flaps and stick E2b back in position on top.

9. All that remains is for you to apply glue to the lower flap of E2a and then bend it up so that it sticks to the front of E2b. The envelope will now look quite normal on the outside, but will be faked

The Utility Switch Envelope is probably the most versatile of those detailed in this book because it can be used in so many different effects. It was first published in Goodliffe's "Abracadabra" in 1979.

The Utility Switch Envelope looks completely normal but its special construction means that any small object can be slid via the slit on the inside into the rear channel where it will subsequently reappear at the base of the envelope on the outside.

Because there is a double pocket arrangement inside, it means that you can either place something genuinely into the envelope, avoiding the slit so that the object remains as normal inside, or push it through the slit and steal it away.

At first glance it might appear that if you simply cut a slit in the back of an envelope and glued a second address side by the edges over it, you would achieve the same envelope. However, because it would be glued at the long edges, the width of the secret rear channel would be reduced too much to take the width of a playing card, and that would severely limit its potential. Also it might tend to split and fall apart! So that explains the reasons for its particular construction.

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