The Perfecto Leveridge Envelope

1. Cut down both sides.

2. Fold flap side down and cut across. Throw away lower portion.

3. Cut away all but address side of E2.

4. Measure 1/4 of an inch along edges AC and BD. Cut out shape as shown.

5. FOLD along dotted line.

6. Trim protruding corners of folded under piece. REPEAT Nos: 3, 4, 5 and 6 with ANOTHER ENVELOPE, E3.

7. E4 has its flap side cut away as show.

8. Using the diagonals AC and BD as guidelines, cut out shape as in the dashed line.

9. Lay out E1 flat and with the two side flaps made from E2 and E3, stick them on as shown.

10. Fold up the bottom of E1. Apply glue as shown, stick on upside down E4. Fold in side flaps and glue them together where they overlap.

If you go to the trouble necessary to make up the Perfecto Leveridge Envelope, you will open the way to more effects than are possible with the standard envelope. The difference between the Perfecto Leveridge Envelope and the normal one, is that the two side flaps are not simply stuck down the edges on top of the half assembled fake, but are an integral part of the envelope's construction. This means that the complete width of the envelope beneath the two side flaps can be used, unlike the standard model where the gluing of the side flaps reduces this width.

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