The Leveridge Envelope

1. Cut away flap side as shown.

2. Turn cut away flap side upside down, re-position on remaining part of E1.

3. Cut away E1a as per dotted line. Discard E1b.

4. Stick E1a onto E2 upside down.

5. Cut out address side of E3.

5 a. Cut out two side flaps from address side of e3 as per dotted line.

6. Stick two side flaps onto Lea/ E2.

This innocent looking, yet fake, envelope I originally had published in June 1978 in Goodliffe's 'Abracadabra', and those who have already seen it will, I hope, appreciate its effectiveness.

The envelope can be used to make any object placed inside vanish or reappear with the greatest of magical ease, and creates one of the most startling effects possible with envelopes. The envelope can be made in any size, but 6" x 3.5" is probably the most useful. If constructed from a brown manila letter envelope, it looks perfectly ordinary and above suspicion.

The basic principle of the envelope is that unknown to the audience both flaps can be opened, one of which leads into a genuine pocket in the envelope, the other being merely a facade. If a card or bank note is placed in the genuine side of the envelope and the flap held closed over it, when the other flap is open the envelope will appear empty. If this flap is now closed and unbeknown to the audience the other one opened instead, the contents of the envelope will now suddenly be in view. If this process is reversed the contents can be made to disappear.

Provided that one flap is held closed at all times, the envelope will appear completely normal and can be handled with ease, and provided you remember to always place the envelope flaps side down whenever you lay it on the table, the faking will go unnoticed.

Knife Throwing Techniques of the Ninja

Knife Throwing Techniques of the Ninja

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