The Indestructible Card

EFFECT: A freely selected card is put into an examined envelope and cut in half. The card is removed seconds later restored, leaving the envelope still in two halves.

REQUIREMENTS: 1. A pack of cards. 2. A few small manila pay envelopes (100mm x 65mm would be a standard size). 3. A pair of nail or small scissors.

PREPARATION: Cut a slit across the back (address side) of one of the envelopes just above half way down from the flap end. Fig. 80. Arrange the remaining envelopes into a pile, all the envelopes being address side upwards. Turn the top three envelopes over so that they are flap side upwards. Flip the complete pile over and add the slit envelope to the top. Then turn the pile over again so that the slit envelope becomes the bottom envelope of the pile. Fig. 81.

Have the pile of envelopes ready along with the deck of cards. The scissors should be out of sight.

PRESENTATION: Pick up the pile of envelopes, remove the top one and have it examined. I usually ask the spectator who takes the envelope to just check that the envelope is completely empty. This is so much better than asking him to check that it is an 'ordinary, unprepared envelope', as this would simply lead him to question the envelope itself later in the effect.

Take the examined envelope back and place it on top of the pile still held in the left hand. Pick up the deck with the right hand and pass it out for someone to select a card. Under cover of this misdirection, casually turn the envelope pile over as you place it down. This will, of course, leave the slit envelope now on top.

Take the pack back from the spectator and put it away. Then take the selected card and look at it and show it around. Lift off the top envelope from the tabled pile and place the rest of the pile aside. The audience will assume that this is the examined envelope, whereas in fact it is the slit one.

Holding the envelope in the left hand, flap towards the audience, insert the card inside, really sliding it right in at this stage and avoiding pushing it through the slit in the rear. Raise the envelope to your mouth and lick the flap. Your left fingers act as a cover for the slit across the envelope's address side.

Lower the envelope and just before you seal it down, reach inside and pull out the card to show it for one last time. However, you do not pull it all the way out, just far enough so that the card's lower end goes just past the slit. Fig. 82.

Once the card has been seen, use the right fingers to push it

back into the envelope, but this time make sure that it goes through the slit. Fig. 83. Seal the flap down.

Place the envelope on the table for a moment, being careful not to flash the half of the protruding card under the envelope. Bring out the scissors and show them. Grip them in the right hand ready to cut with them.

The left hand picks up the envelope and holds it as in Fig. 84. The flap side is tilted slightly towards the audience. Using the left little finger, lift up the lower right corner of the envelope so that you can see between the exposed lower end of the card and the envelope. Fig. 85.

Slip the scissors into this gap and slide them up to about half way along the envelope's length. Slowly cut about three quarters of the way across the envelope. Use the right hand to 'catch' the envelope halves as if you are trying to keep them together.

Regrip the envelope in the left hand near the envelope centre and then use the right hand to cut off the end of the envelope and slowly slide the card out still in tact.

The card is seen to be unharmed and you can tear the two halves now completely apart to show that the envelope itself really has been severed in two. Crush the envelope halves and drop them to the table.

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