EFFECT: A large envelope with a hole in the front is displayed and a Jumbo card can be seen on the inside. The card is removed and shown. Let's say it is the AC. This card is a prediction and the magician intends to show the difference between a magician and a mentalist. The AC is put back into the envelope which is left in view.

A normal size deck is shuffled and a card chosen. However, the selection is the 5S and so does not match the prediction. This, the performer explains, is why he is not a mentalist! However, being a magician, he is able to use his magic to change things around.

Turning the 5S face down the performer rubs it against the card in the envelope. The Jumbo prediction is removed and turned over and surprisingly it has changed - but to the KH!! The magician looks a little sheepish - he obviously is not that hot as a magician either! However, the Jumbo KH is rubbed against the selected card and when this is turned over it has magically changed to the KH as well, so that everything ends up as it should be!

COMMENTS:- Shades of the Ken Brooke favourite Potty Prediction with this effect, although the method is entirely different. I also published a similar effect, but with again a very different method, in my book THE MARK LEVERIDGE LECTURE EXPERIENCE. My main reason for including this trick is to explain the switching idea with the envelope, as this is a principle which could be used in any effect which requires you to switch a Jumbo card.

REQUIREMENTS: 1. Two Jumbo cards of contrasting values - say the KH and AC. 2. A deck of normal sized cards. 3. A large envelope with a hole cut from the front. Fig. 95 shows the size and type of envelope that I use. The only preparation of this envelope is that the lower flap is only glued across for half of its depth. This leaves an unstuck channel which you are going to use. 4. Ideally you should also have some sort of card stand to enable you to leave the envelope on view. Alternatively you can lean the envelope against some prop you have on your table.

SET-UP: Take the Jumbo KH and

slip it into the unglued channel in the lower flap of the envelope. Fig. 96. This will help to hold the card against the rear of the envelope. The card face should be facing you. Slip the AC into the envelope so that the back shows through the envelope's hole. The deck should have the card matching the Jumbo held on the outside of the envelope (KH) on top with a contrasting card under it, say the 5S.

PRESENTATION: Display the envelope, front flat towards the audience so that they can see the card back through the hole. The envelope is held at the bottom edge in the left hand, fingers on the front and thumb at the back. You explain that the card is a prediction.

Tilt the top of the envelope towards the right hand and use the fingers to open the flap and go inside to extract the card. Freely display the AC card face.

You explain that you are going to demonstrate the difference between a magician and a mentalist. As you are speaking, the right hand, which is gripping the AC now with the card back. towards the audience, takes the card behind the envelope and slips it under the KH. Fig. 97.

As soon as it is completely behind the envelope, the right fingers push the AC down into the unglued envelope channel and the right thumb then grips the KH and this card is twisted up and out of its position and is taken immediately to the open end of the envelope and slipped inside. Fig. 98.

This switch is done very calmly and casually. The card is out of view for only a split second and at this stage of the effect, no one knows exactly what is going to happen and so the spectators are not looking for anything untoward.

Place the envelope into your card stand with the envelope hole flat facing the audience.

Pick up the deck and false shuffle just keeping the top two cards in place. Cut the deck and keep a left little finger break.

You are now going to do a riffle force. Briefly: the left hand raises the face of the deck a little towards the audience. The right fingers riffle the top short edges of the deck from the bottom upwards and a spectator is asked to call 'stop'. When he does so, you hold the deck open at the front edge at the selected point, start to lower the deck to a horizontal position, and as you do so use the right hand to cut the deck AT THE LITTLE FINGER BREAK. This brings the KH to the top, while apparently cutting at the selected point.

Double lift the top two cards to show the 5S. Since this does not match the AC prediction card you shrug and say that that is why you are not a mentalist! Flip the two cards back onto the deck face down and thumb off the top (KH) card. Put the deck down.

Because you a magician. however, all can be remedied. Take the KH (which the audience believe to be the 5S they have just seen) and rub it against the exposed square of Jumbo card seen through the envelope's hole. Place the KH down on the table face down.

Pick up the envelope and withdraw the card from inside. However, when you turn it round the card face is seen to have changed to the wrong card! Momentary disappointment on your part, but a rub of the prediction card on the selection then apparently changes the selection to match the prediction!

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