Seethrough Switch Envelope

1. Cut a square hole right through both sides of the middle of the envelope. This hole should be about 3/4" square. Take an indifferent card and cut a 1" square hole out of its centre.

2. With the card in this position, the envelope looks full up with card. the hole in the centre of the card is hidden by the top part of the envelope.

3. However, when the card is pushed right down inside, the envelope appears to be empty because you can see right through the hole in the centre of the envelope and no part of the card is visible within.

This envelope I first saw mentioned in an article by Len Sewell in an Abra "Summer Special" for 1947, and in the article he explains that he in turn came upon the envelope's use even further back in an article in "The Sphinx". It is clear, therefore, that this idea has its roots shrouded almost in the mists of time, and since it is such a versatile principle I think it worthy of describing again now.

Knife Throwing Techniques of the Ninja

Knife Throwing Techniques of the Ninja

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