Routines For The Utility Switch Envelope


This is an example of how the Utility Switch Envelope can help create quite baffling effects which would normally require far more sleight of hand.

EFFECT: Two red Aces are dropped out of the deck. A card is chosen, say 4S, and is mixed up with the two Aces. The magician invites a spectator to take part in a little test of observation.

One card of the three is slid face down, without being shown, into an envelope. Of the remaining two cards, one is shown - the 4S - and the spectator is asked to guess which of the two red Aces the other card is.

The 4S is left face down on the table and the other card is turned round to reveal whether the spectator's guess was correct or not. The red Ace is then replaced on the pack. Now for the real test of observation.

The spectator has seen the two cards NOT in the envelope, so which one was put in the envelope? He names the other red Ace. However, the 4S on the table is turned over to reveal that it has changed to the other red Ace, and when the card inside the envelope is tipped out and revealed, it turns out to be the 4S!

REQUIREMENTS: 1. A Utility Switch Envelope. 2. One extra 4S to match the pack you are using.

PREPARATION: Put the extra 4S face down into the real pocket of the Utility Switch Envelope. Have the other 4S on top of the face down deck.

PRESENTATION: You offer to give a spectator a little test of observation using three cards. Run through the deck and drop out the AH and AD. Force the 4S from the top of the deck.

Slip the 4S face down between the two face down Aces and mix them, simply making sure that the 4S ends up in the middle again.

With the three cards held squared in the left hand dealing position and face down, slide out the bottom card of the pile and without showing its face, drop it still face down on the table.

Use the right hand to pick up the Utility Switch Envelope and hold it, flap side up, overlapping the two cards still held in the left hand, ready for the usual switch.

The right hand picks up the tabled card, slips it into the envelope, whereupon you do the switch and the red Ace ends up squared on top of the other two cards in the left hand. Place the envelope down.

Pivot the pile of three cards, still squared, face up. Grip the pile from above with the right hand, fin

gers at the outer short edge, thumb at the inner short edge (Biddle Grip) and release your left hand hold. Fig. 38.

You tell the spectator that he can see the 4S, but you would like him first of all to guess the value of the other card you are holding.

As you speak, the right hand lifts the pile so that the 4S is flat facing you and can no longer be seen by the audience. The back of the rear card will be flat facing them.

With the cards in this position, the left hand slides off the rear card and holds it up slightly away from the pile as you indicate the card you want the spectator to guess. Fig. 39.

Slip this single card in front of the 4S, squaring the cards and still holding the faces away from the audience. Imme-

Fig. 40

diately the cards are squared, the left hand slides out the new rear card (apparently the 4S) and casually places it face down on the table. Fig. 40.

The spectator guesses the value of the card(s) left in your right hand and you turn round the face of the two cards held as one to show whether he was right or not. The two cards are then put on top of the deck.

Now for the test of observation, you say. If one red Ace is there - point to the top of the pack - and the 4S is on the table - point to the face down card on the table, - which card was originally put in the envelope? He will name the other red Ace. Immediately flip the tabled card face up to reveal that it is in fact the other Ace, and quickly tip out the 4S from the envelope!

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