Routines For The Perfecto Leveridge Envelope


At the time of writing this there is a white alabaster envelope available measuring approximately 6.5" x 81/4". If you make up a Perfecto Leveridge Envelope in this size, you can use Jumbo cards with it in an excellent and easy version of Cards Across. Alternatively, Mark Leveridge Magic can supply these (they are called Jumbo Leveridge Envelopes) ready made in red. Please see our current catalogue, price list or website.

EFFECT: Ten Jumbo cards are counted from a Jumbo pack and openly slipped into an empty envelope which is left in full view. The rest of the pack is dropped back into its box which is then held by a spectator. One at a time the magician causes three cards to leave the box and travel invisibly over to the envelope. The envelope is opened and the cards removed. When counted, there are now seen to be 13 cards!

REQUIREMENTS: 1. A Jumbo Perfecto Leveridge Envelope. 2. A pack of Jumbo cards in their case or box.

PREPARATION: Take any three Jumbo cards and put them squared and face down into the real side of the envelope. Close the flap over it. The flap opening to the fake side should be the top flap of the two. Have the rest of the deck to hand.

PRESENTATION: Take the Jumbo pack out of its box and openly and carefully count off 10 cards from the top. Return the rest of the pack to the box. If you want to, you can have a spectator count of the 10 cards for you as there are genuinely only 10 there.

Pick up the envelope and, holding it in the left hand, use the right hand to open the top flap to your right, thus showing the inside of the envelope to be empty. Fig. 26.

Leaving the envelope open, pick up the squared pile of ten cards and bring them in the right hand over face down ready to slip them under the fake side flaps and apparently "into" the envelope. To make this a smooth movement, use your right thumb to spread the top few cards to the left, Fig. 27. This will give you a thin long edge to initially slip un-

Fig. 26

Fig. 27

Fig. 27

Fig. 28


der the side pieces, before pushing the rest of the pile in as well. Fig. 28.


The 10 cards will now be apparently inside the envelope. Close the flap, turn the envelope over from end to end and as you place it down or position it on a stand in view, secretly exchange the flaps so that the one covering the real pocket is the uppermost flap.

You now go through the motions of causing three cards to leave the pack in the box and fly invisibly to the envelope. Depending on whether you are using this effect for children or adults, your presentation will no doubt differ accordingly.

With the invisible transposition of the three cards over, you pick up the envelope and turn it flaps towards the audience. The left hand should be holding the lower flap in place while the right hand opens the upper flap.

With the same hand reach inside and pull out the 10 cards which are under the side flaps only, plus the three cards below them which were in the envelope all along. The envelope is seen to be empty again, and it can be placed aside. All that remains is for you to count out the 13 cards, thus proving that three really were invisibly transferred.

The beauty of this method is that it is virtually self working. With no worries about having to add cards or steal cards away, you are left with the opportunity to put everything into the presentation, and will help to make this one of your favourite routines. You don't have to use 10 cards either. My preference would be to use 3 or 4 as the initial number so that the envelope is not filled so full and so that it does not take so long to count out the cards.

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