Routines For The Double Flap Switch Envelope


With a few alterations in your construction of the Double Flap Switch envelope, it is possible to use it in conjunction with a Himber Style Switch Wallet and create an even cleaner finish to the Miracle Prediction effect. It also provides yet another envelope variation which in fact brought about the 'Straight Through' Envelope.

The details of how to make the necessary alterations are as follows:

1. Refer to the diagrams for the original envelope's construction on p.4, and in particular to diagram 4.

2. Before sticking E2 onto E1 as shown there, turn E2 over so that the flap although still at the opposite end to E1's flap, now bends naturally onto the address side of E1. Fig. 4 shows how the flaps will bend when the envelope is finally competed.

3. Having turned E2 round, it is stuck onto E1 by applying a strip of glue along the opposite end to that in diagram 4 on p.4.

4. The side flaps are then bent inwards and E3 cut out as shown. Glue is applied to both side flaps as in diagram 6 but not along the top edge as detailed, the opposite end being glued instead. E3 is then stuck down.

Although these alterations may sound complicated, if you follow them while making an envelope you will see that they are in fact straight forward and obvious.

The final product is shown in Fig. 4 and it gives you an envelope which looks identical when turned over end for end, and this is the principle that we will now use.

REQUIREMENTS: 1. Two Double Flap Switch enve-

Himber Wallet Revealed

lopes as detailed above. 2. Four normal cards, each one a duplicate of one of the four force cards in your special deck. 3. A Himber Style Switch Wallet. 4. The special Al Koran forcing deck described on p.19.

PREPARATION: Put a duplicate of a force card into each of the four pockets of your two envelopes so that whenever one of them is removed, it will always be face down. Remember the position of each force card.

Insert the two envelopes into your Himber Style Switch Wallet so that no flaps are showing at all. Fig. 5. Close the wallet. You should know which side of the wallet to open in order to reach a particular force card duplicate. The pack is on your table.

PRESENTATION: At the start of the trick you pick up your wallet and open it to show an envelope inside which you claim contains one card - your prediction. The wallet is closed and placed on the table in view.

You then continue as in the original presentation up to the point where you are going to reveal your prediction.

Here you pick up the wallet and open it so that the inside is facing the audience. Naturally you must open it at the correct side so that one of the two cards in the visible envelope will be the duplicate of the chosen card.

If the duplicate is in the pocket directly facing the audience as they look at the inside of the wallet, you simply pull the envelope by the top up and out of the wallet, since the flap which comes into view will lead to the pocket containing the correct card. If the other pocket is required, your left thumb slips under the right hand side of the envelope, the fingers resting on the back, and the envelope is lifted out and turned over in one movement.

The advantage you have over your audience is that when the envelope is in the wallet, no flap is showing and therefore the audience can have no idea which way round the envelope is facing. Since they will assume the envelope only has one flap and pocket, whichever way the envelope is removed from the wallet will appear quite normal.

Once the envelope is removed, it only remains for you to tip out your prediction card (which will be face down) and place it next to the chosen card, all ready for a dramatic simultaneous turning over of the two cards.

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