Red Jack Power

EFFECT: Two red Jacks are openly removed from a deck and placed into a small empty envelope. A card is chosen from the pack and shuffled back into it. The red Jacks use their power of attraction to make the selected card disappear from the deck and appear face up between them in the envelope.

REQUIREMENTS: 1. A Perfecto Leveridge Envelope made in a small size (slightly larger than a playing card). 2. A pack of cards. 3. A double faced card, JH/10S. 4. A JH from another matching pack. 5. A special card which consists of a 10S attached by sticky tape at one short edge to the rear of any other card to make a hinged card.

PREPARATION: Into the genuine pocket of the envelope place the extra JH face down. Turn the deck face up and place the double faced card about a third of the way down from the face of the deck with the JH side facing upwards. Put the special 10S on the top of the pack, stuck end nearest you.

PRESENTATION: Fan the deck quickly face up to show the cards all different, and drop out the JH and JD. The JH will, of course, be the double faced card. These two cards have a special power, you patter, which you will demonstrate.

Place the JH face up on the face up JD, square and turn face down. Pick up the Perfecto Leveridge Envelope, taking care to keep hold of the lower flap, open the other flap and slip the two cards under the side pieces and apparently into the envelope. Close and turn the envelope over, switching the flaps casually as you place it address side up on the table.

Pick up the pack and shuffle the cards, faces towards the audience, keeping the special 10S card on top. Finally, cut the deck and keep a left little finger break at the completed cut. Riffle force the card (see p.27) at the break, completing the cut after splitting the pack apparently where the spectator told you to stop.

To make absolutely sure, you say, that you do not have a chance to see the selected card, you will simply let the spectators have a peek at the card. With that, you use your right index finger to bend back the very top card, (the 10S) at the front short edge. The fact that the rear edge is attached to the next card remains a secret. As soon as the card has been seen, release the right finger hold, and cut the pack and shuffle. You remind the audience of the two red Jacks in the envelope. They will now attract the selected card invisibly out of the pack. After a moment you run through the deck face up and because the 10S is attached behind another card, it seems to have disappeared.

You can now pick up the envelope and open the upper flap. This gives access to the genuine side of the envelope. Because the two Jacks were inserted into the fake side, they are still visible, apparently inside the envelope. Reach over and pull out the two cards together with the Jack already in the envelope. If you fan all three cards a 10S, apparently the selected card, will show face up in the middle, and the other two cards can be flipped over face up proving that they are the JH and the JD!

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