Pentro Card

EFFECT: A card is selected, returned to the pack which is shuffled. A small envelope is shown empty and then slipped into the centre of the pack. The magician gives a sharp rap on the top of the deck with his fingers. All the cards above the envelope are lifted off and quickly run through face up.

The selected card is not seen. Next, all the cards below the envelope are similarly looked through, and again the selected card is not among them. Slowly and deliberately the magician turns over the envelope, opens it, and one card is seen to have penetrated through to the inside. When it is removed, it is of course the selected card.

REQUIREMENTS: 1. A Leveridge Envelope made from envelopes which are a bit bigger than the size of a playing card. 2. A pack of cards. 3. A duplicate of one card, say the 7D.

PREPARATION: Put the duplicate 7D into the real pocket of the Leveridge Envelope and set the flaps so that it will look empty. Put the normal 7D on top of the face down deck.

PRESENTATION: Give the cards a shuffle, keeping the top card in place, and then force the top card, the 7D. I use the riffle force as described on p. 27.

The selected card is looked at and returned to the centre of the pack, where you get a left little finger break above it. Cut at the break and do a riffle shuffle making sure that the last card to fall is the top one of what was the lower half of the pack. This puts the 7D back on top of the deck.

Place the cards face down on the table. Pick up the Leveridge Envelope, show it empty and turn it address side up. Ask a spectator to cut the pack wherever he wishes. Under cover of this misdirection quietly change over the flaps of your envelope so that the lower one now rests on top of the other one. Place the envelope flap side down onto the lower portion of the cut pack and put the top half onto the envelope so that it is trapped between the two halves of the pack.

With the flat of your hand rap firmly on the top of the deck. Lift off all the cards above the envelope and turn the pile face up, holding them in the dealing position in the left hand. You tell the spectator that you are going to run through the cards and that you want him to look out for his card. While you are saying this your right thumb has come over the cards and bent slightly the rear short edges of the cards thus allowing the bottom two cards of the face up pile to spring away. The left little finger holds a break above these two cards.

You now spread the cards to the right, to show the spectator the faces of each one, and because a break is held above the last two cards, it is simple to just keep them together as one and thereby keep the 7D concealed.

Having run through these cards and the spectator agrees his card is not there, square them up and place them aside. Now remove all the cards below the envelope and show their faces as well. No selected card. You turn the envelope over, open the upper flap holding the lower one in place with the left thumb, and remove the card that is visible inside to show that the 7D has apparently penetrated through the pack into the envelope.

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