Marked Coin Into Nest Of Boxes

If you possess one of the rather nice Japanese made coin nest of boxes, you will appreciate how the Utility Switch Envelope can help to turn a good trick into a miracle. Obviously, what follows applies to any routine where you need to secretly secure a marked coin without the audience being aware.

EFFECT: A small coin is borrowed from a spectator and marked with an initialled sticker. The coin is then dropped into a small envelope and left in view on the table. The spectator is then given a small coloured box to hold.

The magician tips the marked coin out of the envelope to show it again, then replaces it inside. Bringing out a cigarette lighter, the envelope is burned and the coin has vanished! Without the performer coming anywhere near, the spectator is asked to open the box he is holding. When he does so he finds another box inside, and inside that one another, and this continues until in the last box he finds his own initialled coin.

REQUIREMENTS: 1. A Utility Switch Envelope. 2. A small coin (a 10p in England). 3. Some self adhesive stickers. 4. A pen. 5. A Tenyo nest of boxes (or similar). 6. A lighter.

PREPARATION: Initial a sticker and attach it to one side of the coin. Drop it sticker side down into the real pocket of the fake envelope. Have the nest of boxes set in your case, ready to load. The lighter is in your left jacket pocket.

PRESENTATION: Borrow a duplicate coin to the one you placed in the envelope and have the spectator initial a sticker and attach it to the coin.

Pick up the Utility Switch Envelope and hold it as in Fig. 36. The right hand takes the coin and inserts it into the top of the envelope, pushing it through the slit before releasing it. The coin will drop to the open base of the envelope

where it falls into the left fingers. Fig. 37.

The right hand takes the envelope by the top and puts it down. If you can put it onto a hard surface with a satisfying 'thud' as the duplicate coin strikes the surface, all well and good! After all, we do not want the audience to think we have secretly stolen the coin away, do we?!

The left hand goes for the nest of boxes and loads the coin, shutting the boxes and bringing them into view. (Note:- If you find it difficult or awkward to load the coin with the left hand, simply switch the hands when putting the coin into the envelope, so that the left hand puts it inside and the right fingers catch it as it falls out at the base. Then you can load with your right hand.)

Give the nest of boxes to the spectator who loaned you the coin.

The fake envelope is picked up by the left hand, and the duplicate coin tipped out from the inside where it falls sticker side down onto your right palm.

The right hand quickly flashes the other side of the coin, the fingers slightly obscuring the sticker, and the audience assume that it is the loaned coin.

The right hand then inserts the coin back into the envelope which is being held in the left hand ready to catch the coin as it is pushed through the slit and into the rear channel where it falls down and out.

Gripping the top of the envelope with the right hand allows the left to go, with the coin secretly concealed, to the left jacket pocket where the coin is left behind as the hand emerges with the lighter ready to burn the envelope.

Once the envelope has been destroyed, it only remains for the spectator who has been holding the nest of boxes to open them one by one until he finds his marked coin within the innermost container.

The advantage of using the Utility Switch Envelope as a means of acquiring the coin as opposed to either of the Coin Out Envelopes, is that because there is a duplicate coin already held inside the Utility Switch Envelope, it can be shown AFTER the real marked coin has been loaded in the nest of boxes thus strengthening the impression that the marked coin was still in your possession after the boxes were handed out. The disadvantage is that it takes longer to make a Utility Switch Envelope!!

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