Intuition Version1

EFFECT: The performer talks about intuition and how some people, particularly ladies, seem to have plenty of it. A female spectator is selected to assist. A pile of envelopes is shown and the magician explains that each one contains a blank piece of card. Slipping a card from one of the envelopes the performer writes the first name of the lady helper on the card and then slips it back into the envelope which is dropped on to the table.

Counting up the number of people sitting round the table (except for the lady assistant) the performer drops enough envelopes onto the one containing the spectator's name to ensure that there would be one for each person round the table. We will assume that there are 5 people apart from the lady assistant.

The pile of five envelopes is then shuffled and an envelope placed at random in front of each of the five people round the table. The lady assistant could have no idea who has the envelope containing the card with her name on, but she is invited to use her intuition, or failing that to just guess(!), and point to four of the fellow diners one at a time by way of eliminating them from the 'game'.

As the lady points to various people, the performer collects up their envelopes until there is just one left on the table. That envelope is slowly opened and the card slid out from inside. When it is turned over, it IS the one with the spectator's name on it!

COMMENTS: This really can be a killer routine if you play it right. The reason it works so well is because it involves most of the audience, it is a very personal effect because the spectator appears to be doing the 'work', and there seems little or no explanation as to how it was achieved. (Go to page 111 for a slightly different presentation which allows an even cleaner handling)

REQUIREMENTS: 1. A number of double blank playing cards or you could use your business card if it has a blank back as you leave the card with the spectator at the finish. The exact number is hard to judge, because it depends how often you intend doing the trick in any one session, but I usually carry about twenty.

2. A permanent marker pen to write on the cards with.

3. Enough small brown envelopes to contain all the cards you intend to use.

4. A rubber band.

SET-UP: Slip one card into each envelope and pop a rubber band round the pile. Have the pile to hand along with the pen.

PRESENTATION: Talk about intuition and say that you are going to see whether one of the people round the table has some! Select a suitable volunteer (I usually choose a lady).

Bring out the pile of envelopes and explain that each one contains a blank card. Slip the rubber band off the pile and take off the top envelope, placing the remainder of the pile on the table for a moment. Slip the card out of the envelope and using the pen write the lady's name boldly across the card. Slide the card back into its envelope WRITING SIDE DOWN and drop the envelope flap side up onto the table.

Pick up the pile of envelopes and deal onto the envelope containing the lady's name enough further envelopes to ensure that everyone, except your assistant, will be able to have one each. Let's assume that there are a total of 6 people at the table. In this case you would deal a further four envelopes onto the tabled one.

Put the rest of the envelopes on the table for a moment in a squared pile. Pick up the pile of 5 envelopes and hold them in the left hand as in Fig.147.

The envelope which is resting against the left fingers is the one with the spectator's name in it. The right hand comes over the envelopes as if they were a pack of cards and you were going to do an overhand shuffle. The right fingers rest on the front short edges of the envelopes and the right thumb on the rear short edge. The left thumb and fingers press towards each other slightly so that as the right hand lifts away the middle three envelopes, the top and bottom envelopes remain in the left hand.

The right hand 'shuffles' off the three envelopes it holds on top of the two remaining in the left hand, and then lifts out the centre three again and repeats the cycle. Do this three or four times. This gives the impression that all the envelopes are well and truly mixed, but in fact the bottom envelope, the one with the spectator's name in it, remains on the bottom throughout.

The spectators now have no idea in which envelope the named card is. You now walk round the table and distribute the five envelopes in a random order, placing them on the table in front of the spectators. All you have to do is remember which spectator receives the LAST envelope. Actually, to cut out all memory work I always give the last envelope to the person sitting two places to the left of the assisting lady. Since you have been giving the envelopes out in a random order, it is easy to engineer which spectator receives the all important bottom envelope.

You now walk back to the place at the table where you started and you pick up the pile of left over envelopes, holding them in your left hand.

You ask the assisting lady to gaze at the various people round the table and to try and use her intuition to work out who is least likely to end up with the envelope with her name in it. As she points to various people round the table one at a time, you walk round the table and take their envelope away and place it on the top of the pile. As soon as she selects the person who really does have her named card inside, place that envelope UNDER the pile. You have plenty of cover because you are walking round the table, and in any case, all attention is on the lady as she makes her choices.

Eventually there will be one envelope left on the table. If, by coincidence, this is the one that contains the name, thank your lucky stars and dramatically slide the card out and turn it over to reveal the name. If the last envelope contains a blank card a little more work will be required.

Quietly turn the pile of envelopes over in your left hand so that the top envelope will now be the one containing the name. Using your left thumb push this top envelope a little off to the right and slip your left little finger in under the envelope before sliding it back again. Fig. 148.

As you do this, reach forward with your right hand and pick up the final envelope from the table, and extending your left hand openly drop the envelope onto the top of the pile. With your freed right hand you point to the spectator who had the last envelope and make some comment about him having an innocent face or some such other remark as if to explain why he was left until last.

Stand next to the assisting lady and slip the right fingers into the break held by the left little finger. Fig. 149. Immediately and in a smooth but unhurried movement, flip the top two envelopes right over as one so that they fall back onto the pile again.

Because the envelope was flap side down on the top of the pile, it was logical that you had to turn it over in order to open the flap. The right hand slides the topmost envelope forwards a little, Fig. 150, and opens the flap. Reach inside and slowly slide the card out from inside. After a short pause to build the 'tension', turn the card over to reveal the name on it.

Lead the acclaim for the assisting lady who has apparently used her intuition to find her own name. Leave the card and the envelope it came from on the table - they will probably want to look at the envelope afterwards in any case to satisfy themselves that there is no other card inside and that the envelope is not special in any way. Reband the envelopes (you can leave the one which is the wrong way round as it is and use that one first the next time you work) and you are ready to go again.

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