Coin Out Envelope Type

1. With a penknife carefully slit along the dotted line. This should simply be a case of unsticking the glue, except for the vertical cut in the middle of the lower flap, where scissors will be needed.

2. The left hand side of the flap can now be secretly bent down to allow the coin inside to slide out.


1. Cut away the flap side leaving the side pieces.

2. Cut away the complete side leaving the address side and flap.

3. Stick E2 upside down, address side outwards, onto E1.

This is an adaptation of the Double Flap Switch Envelope described on page 4 and as used in the routine Miracle Prediction 2. There are two flaps at either end of the envelope, but they point in OPPOSITE directions rather than bend naturally onto the same side of the envelope. Also, these two flaps lead to the same pocket rather than two separate pockets. In essence, the envelope is simply a tunnel with a flap at both ends. In the Miracle Prediction effect, a 'Straight Through' Envelope can be used with the 5 Star Wallet if a double faced card is put inside, because the envelope will appear the same from whichever side you open it.

Knife Throwing Techniques of the Ninja

Knife Throwing Techniques of the Ninja

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