Coin Out Envelope Type

1. With a penknife carefully slit along the dotted line. This should simply be a case of unsticking the glue.

2. A coin dropped into the envelope can be secretly slid out into the hand.

The best envelopes to use for making Coin Out Envelopes are those Lion Brand pay envelopes whose centre join on the flap side is either in the middle or to the left. The reason is that after you have slit along the join as shown in the diagrams, there has to be enough room to the right of the slit for the diameter of a 10p piece.

Assuming that you have acquired the correct envelopes and faked them as shown, you have a very effective way of secretly obtaining a borrowed coin which has been previously apparently sealed in an envelope. Because the faking is so simple and quick, it is practical to destroy the envelope during a routine to show the coin has disappeared, since replacing the fake is quick and easy.

Knife Throwing Techniques of the Ninja

Knife Throwing Techniques of the Ninja

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