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EFFECT: Three cards are removed from a small envelope which can be examined and are displayed to reveal a QH and two AC's. The performer explains about the famous three card trick in which a spectator would be invited to bet money on where the Queen is. Today, however, the tables are about to be turned, as it is the performer, not the spectator, who will be asked to risk his money to find the Queen.

A small leather wallet is then opened and is shown to be empty except for a folded £10. This is the performer's wager. Opposite the pocket containing the money, there is a pocket with a transparent window front in which can be seen the performer's business card. He explains that he has this in there so that he can keep an eye on the money! If the performer fails to get the Queen, the spectator will be given the money. The wallet is closed and left in view.

The QH is placed between the two AC's and the cards are slipped back into the envelope which is sealed and marked with the spectator's initials. The envelope is then given to the spectator to hold.

The performer then goes through a pantomime of trying to extract the Queen from the sealed envelope held by the spectator. He then takes the envelope, appears to weigh it in his hand and claims that, yes, it feels lighter and so the Queen must be gone! More difficult, however, is to put the Queen back.

The spectators look sceptical, so the envelope is ripped open and the cards inside slid out. But when they are fanned, there are still three cards there. However, the pile consists of the performer's business card trapped between the two Aces!! The Queen is nowhere to be seen.

Immediately the wallet is opened to reveal the QH now trapped under the transparent window in the pocket where the business card had been opposite the £10 note!

COMMENTS: This table hopping routine is a variation of my effect Credit Scare, which is detailed on page 104. I wanted a 'three card trick' effect which was easy to do and re-set and which had a surprise finish and this is the one I came up with. It is quick and to the point and magically very effective!

REOUIREMENTS: 1. A pile of small envelopes. Mine are approximately 2.5" x 4".

2. Four AC cards with matching backs and two QH.

3. A small switch wallet. I use a small Himber Wallet.

6. Two of your business cards.

SET-UP: Fold the two bank notes so that they look the same and will fit into the pockets in the switch wallet. Put one note in each side of the wallet. On one side of the wallet slip your business card into the transparent window so that the card is facing the £10. Then open the wallet to the other side and slip one of the QH face up under the transparent window. You need to have a white card already in the transparent central section to create a divider between the business card and the QH. Close the wallet.

Into one of the envelopes slip 2 AC's face down with your other business card trapped between them. Place this envelope on top of the envelope pile. Next take the remaining three cards and slipping the

Queen between the two AC's, slide all three face down into another envelope. Place this on top of the envelope pile. I keep the pile together with a rubber band. Have the pen on the table to one side.

PRESENTATION: Slip the band off the envelopes and lift off the top one, removing the three cards from inside. Replace the envelope on top of the pile and place the pile down on the table. Show the three cards and explain about the three card trick. Put the cards face up on the table.

Bring out the wallet and open it to the side to show the £10 on its own in the wallet's pocket. Slide the note out and explain that this will be the spectator's if you do not get the Queen. Replace the note into the wallet for safe keeping and then point to your business card saying that that is in there so that you can keep an eye on the money. Close the wallet. I leave it half sticking out of my outside top pocket.

Pick up the envelope pile and slide off the top envelope. Have a spectator check that the envelope is empty. Take the envelope back, and with the rest of the pile of envelopes still in your left hand, apparently place the envelope on the top of the pile. In reality, do the switch as used in Credit Scare (see p.104).

At the conclusion of this you should have the switched envelope containing the set of two Aces sandwiching your business card in your right hand with the spectator's initials on the flap. Place the envelope pile away and stick the flap down. Hand it to the spectator to look after.

You explain that you will now try to magically remove the QH from the sealed envelope. Go through whatever pantomime you feel is justified (!) and then claim it is done. Take the envelope from the spectator and seem to weigh it on your hand, saying that it definitely feels a bit lighter, thus proving the card has gone!

More concrete proof, however, is likely to be needed! Take the envelope and rip off the end, sliding out the three cards squared from inside. Screw up the envelope to indicate it is otherwise empty. Fan the cards face down and appear surprised that your business card has appeared between the two Aces!

Swiftly take the wallet, open it to the other side to reveal the QH under the transparent window facing the money.

To reset, reach into your pocket and bring out the envelope pile LEAVING THE TOP ENVELOPE still in the pocket. This leaves the stack clean if any spectator wants to look at it and also helps with the reset. Square up the two tabled AC's with the business card between them and slide them face down into the top envelope of the pile and then replace it in the pocket making sure that the envelope left behind ends up on top of the pile again. The wallet is also put away. You then apparently 'notice' the rubber band, bring out the complete envelope pile again and snap the band around it and put it away. The stack is then re-set in the right order for the next table.

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