Business Card Swap Version l

EFFECT: The magician brings out a small season ticket style wallet from his pocket and through the window in the front of the wallet can be seen that inside is one of the performer's business cards. The card is removed, displayed, and then returned to the wallet which is put away in the pocket again.

Taking a business card from a spectator, the performer slips it into an envelope and puts the spectator's initials on the envelope flap before sealing it and placing the envelope on the flat of the spectator's hand.

The performer now offers to demonstrate the latest in business card data capture techniques. Rather than using an electronic gizmo to scan the spectator's card details, the performer will use magic to cause his card and the spectator's card to change places.

Snapping his fingers the performer lifts the envelope from the spectator's hand, tears off the end, and tips from inside his business card! With an empty hand he then reaches into his pocket and brings out the wallet shown at the outset and there showing through the wallet window can be seen the spectator's business card which he is invited to pull from the wallet himself.

COMMENTS: If you work business events or trade shows this effect could be perfect for you as it uses something that everyone you meet will have - a business card. This version of the effect is suited to a one-off performance and uses the same set-up as that required for Predictable (see p.96). This makes for a very clean handling but it does require a re-set, hence the caveat that it is only really suitable for a single performance. Version 2, which follows this explanation, does not require a re-set and so would be better for a walkabout performing situation.

REQUIREMENTS: 1. The same wallets and envelopes as described for Predictable. 2. Two of your own business cards.

SET-UP: In the wallet which is not set up in the stack, slip one of your business cards. Have this wallet together with the prepared stack and you are set to perform.

PRESENTATION: Bring out the loose wallet and the stack of envelopes and point out your business card in the wallet. Remove the card to display it and then slip it back into the wallet which you put away in your top inside right jacket pocket.

Borrow a business card from the spectator and insert it into the top envelope of the stack so that it is secretly introduced into the wallet hidden inside. Close the envelope flap and write the spectator's initials on it before pulling the envelope out of the stack.

Slip the stack away in your top inside right jacket pocket alongside the loose wallet already there. Lick the gimmicked envelope flap and seal it, placing the envelope on the spectator's flat palm.

Explain that you want to demonstrate the very latest way business people use to exchange their cards, and snap your fingers over the envelope. Picking it up off the spectator's hand, rip off the end and tip your business card out from inside on to his waiting palm!

Screw up the empty envelope and put it away in a side pocket. With your obviously empty left hand, go into your top inside right jacket pocket and drag the wallet out of the stack bringing it into view. Immediately the spectator can see his business card inside the wallet that he believes moments ago contained your card. Hand him the wallet and get him to remove his card to prove it was really inside.

If you are working a business situation where it is appropriate, you now have the ideal opportunity to keep his card and for him to keep yours. Alternatively, if you are working for a company at a trade show, simply substitute one of their cards for yours when performing the trick and the spectator will then end up with your host company's information and you can pass over the spectator's card to the company you are working for thus creating a lead for them.

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