Business Card Swap Version

EFFECT: Essentially the plot is the same as with Version 1 except there are no wallets involved. Instead, everything is done with a single pile of envelopes and the cards swap themselves while sealed in two envelopes.

COMMENTS: I feel that the magical impact of Version 1 is perhaps slightly stronger than this version (to have the spectator's business card end up in a wallet which is removed from your pocket is, after all, a strong plot line), but for practical purposes, to have access to a version that can be immediately repeated and which uses the bare minimum of props, has to be a worthwhile trade off for those who work mix and mingle business events. If you like this trick, you may well want to choose different methods for different performing situations.

REQUIREMENTS: 1. A pile of the 115mm x 76mm envelopes. 2. Enough of your business cards to have one for each envelope.

SET-UP: Simply put one business into each of the envelopes and pop a rubber band round the stack to keep them together. Have a pen in your top left outside pocket.

PRESENTATION: Bring out the pile of envelopes and slip off the rubber band pocketing it. Hand the top envelope to a spectator asking him to have a look inside and to take out the contents. He will slip out one of your business cards which you take back off him with the request that he slip one of his own cards into the envelope instead.

When he has done this you hand him your business card back and take the envelope containing his card from him in your right hand. You are now going to do the simple envelope switch which I described on page 104 in the effect called Credit Scare.

You explain that you will put his initials on the envelope containing his card. Bring the envelope in the right hand down on to the top of the pile held in your left hand, contriving to secretly get the flap of the top envelope under the flap of the envelope beneath it.

With your freed right hand bring out the pen and openly write the spectator's initials on the uppermost flap. As explained earlier, extract the initialled envelope, lick the flap and lay the envelope on the spectator's hand. He believes he has his business card inside an envelope that has his initials on it.

Retrieve your business card from him and openly slip it into the new top envelope of the pile (the one that already has the spectator's business card secretly inside it) making sure that it is fed on TOP of the card already inside. Close the flap and write your initials on that flap before licking it and sealing it down.

Put the pile away and lay the envelope with your initials on it on your palm. You now explain how magic can make business card exchange so much easier. Snap your fingers and then pick up the envelope from your hand, tearing off the end. Reach inside with the right fingers and slide out the lowermost card to reveal that you now have the spectator's business card!

Put the envelope away as you turn attention to the envelope lying on the spectator's hand. Get him to tear off the end of his envelope and reach inside to withdraw your business card - a card that he is encouraged to keep, of course!

To re-set you simply need to put the band back round the pile and put the pen away and you are set again. The envelope you pocketed with your other business card secretly inside can be ditched later after you have rescued the business card from inside.

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