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Love Power Reading is an online program and an eBook that provides women with a better understanding of their boyfriends or husbands and help boost their relationships. It uses proven psychological techniques and focuses on helping women to view their relationships as flowers that need constant care, watering, and nourishment. The program was created by Elle, a lonely lady who had suffered at the hand of her boyfriend 'Thick Head' Theo. After visiting Paonia Colorado and meeting a Tarot master, Elle discovered her romantic self and learned how to make men die to be with her. She later decided to help another woman with the same problem to find true love and end relationship struggles. Therefore, Love Power Reading is a comprehensive guide that comes with everything a lady needs to know about herself and read every man's mind. It comes with a The Man Reading Love Power System that teaches women about all men's secrets. It also has five bonuses written in simple and easy-to-read language. More here...

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Highly Recommended

The writer has done a thorough research even about the obscure and minor details related to the subject area. And also facts weren’t just dumped, but presented in an interesting manner.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

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Craft Minor Arcana [Item Creation

You can create minor arcana tarot cards. Prerequisite Tarot mage level lst+. Benefit This feat allows the tarot mage to craft the magic tarot cards needed to cast spells. Each minor arcana card requires 1,000 gp of inks and material to craft and takes at least 8 hours to complete. When the tarot is completed, the tarot mage must make a Craft (tarot) check (DC 15). If successful, the card now carries the magic necessary for the tarot mage to cast certain spells. If unsuccessful, the mage must start over and the time and materials are lost.

Craft Major Arcana [Item Creation

You can create major arcana tarot cards. Prerequisite Tarot mage This feat allows the tarot mage to craft the more powerful magical tarot cards. Each major arcana card requires 2,000 gp of inks and material to craft and takes at least 16 hours to complete. When the tarot is completed, the tarot mage must make a Craft (Tarot) (DC 15). If successful, the card now carries the magic necessary for the tarot mage to cast certain spells. If unsuccessful the mage must start over and the time and materials are lost. There is an exception to the crafting of major arcana and

Tarot Specialization [Special

Diligent study allows you to master a tarot card and forgo its use as a focus. Prerequisites Tarot mage, Int 15+. Benefit The tarot mage has studied the images and significance of a particular card with such dedication that they are burned into his her brain. The tarot mage can now cast one of the spells that requires the card without having to use it as a focus. This feat may be taken repeatedly to master the different cards, or for the same card to develop the different spells associated with it. There are some restrictions the tarot mage can only use this for a card that she has in hisher possession, and this can only be used to specialize with the minor arcana. The tarot mage cannot use the feat Silent with this specialization. For a given spell, the tarot mage must use at least one of the components. Some GMs may wish to use the tarot magic system but not incorporate a new class. In this case, the tarot mage can be used as a prestige class. We have decided to supply the GM with...

Effect 10 Tarot Reading

You produce a pack of Tarot Cards and invite your volunteer to shuffle them thoroughly. After shuffling them, you take the pack and deal six cards face down on the table, discarding the remainder of the pack. Tarot Reading relies on a technique known as cold reading. It's a technique used by clairvoyants, psychics and mentalists to make a person believe you can read their innermost thoughts. The statements used are specially designed to sound specific to one person and yet they are so general, they actually apply to a large percentage of the population. Now all you need to perform some cold reading is a pack of Tarot cards and to memorize the above statements. Get your spectator to shuffle the Tarot deck and then ask them to deal six cards face down on the table. Turn over the cards one by one to perform your reading. No matter what cards turn up, recite the phrases above and try to personalize the phrases as much as you can. You will get far more 'hits' than 'misses'. And think - how...


Here we use a twenty-five-card stack of Tarot cards in addition to the twenty-two titled cards of the Greater Arcana we have the King of Wands, Queen of Cups and Ace of Swords.13 The cards are stacked with the King of Wands, Emperor, Hermit, Hierophant and Magician five cards apart. The handling and presentation is as before up to the point you begin the divinations. 13An idea of.lohn Snider's. s r Superius in his The Seciietum Tarotus of Arkaan.

Simply Tarot

A stack of ten Tarot Cards are shown and the history of the cards briefly discussed. A prediction is shown in a wallet. The participant is asked to name aloud any number between one and ten. The numerological significance of the number is discussed, and then the participant is asked to deal off that number of cards onto the table. The card they deal down to matches the prediction in the wallet, which is, of course, a joyous card that predicts much happiness in the near future

The Tarot Cards

It is my belief that the reading of the tarot cards is an intimate affair between two individuals. This is the reason why you should make up the meaning of the tarot cards for yourself. As I stated above, I simply use the major Arcana in The Zodiac Effect . This makes the deciphering of the meanings of the cards so much more personal and easier to remember. I get the impression that you have played with a tarot deck before, haven't you

The Court Cards

Court cards face up in a packet on the table. Pick them up by drawing them off the table with the right hand, turning them over lengthwise as you put them on top of the remainder of the pack. Have the cards thoroughly shuffled and show that the court cards are distributed through the pack. With a strip cut or after placing your pack behind your back, produce the court cards only and throw them on the table.

Taro Two

In my Double Routine, I suggested a Tarot presentation involving a marked deck and a pocket-writer (page I S3) the routine can be greatly simplified by the use of a simple cut force. Picking up a folded slip which bears the name of the forced Tarot card, you switch for the question slip, which you open up. You pretend to write a prophecy concerning the Tarot card actually, of course, you simply note the question and refold the slip, dropping both together into the cup.

The Birthday Card System

Originally this was a complex system based on a combination of ancient symbolism, mystical tradition, astrology, tarot, and the significance of numbers. While you may certainly use playing cards for readings in the way Rex has suggested on the tapes, this system takes the use of playing cards for readings to another level entirely. We feel that by giving you a card system that is recognized outside of the performance field, you will be able to increase your confidence quickly. You will also learn a great deal more about card readings in general. In fact, you could easily pass as an authority on the subject by what we are now giving to you.

Cigrate Paper Thoughts

This trick is a simple reworking of a playing card prediction that I read in an issue of Magick Magazine by Jules Lenier. The effect was called Share of Mind . This is only a minor variation - the handling is cleaner, the use of tarot cards, the presentation of using their present and future, and the dodge of the different colour pens.

TA Waters Mind Myth and Magick

Waters is the author of Mind, Myth, and Magick, a monumental (and wonderful) 800 page book which is required reading for anyone interested in mentalism. On this video T.A. demonstrates and explains 12 routines from the book. The routines use common objects such as envelopes, playing cards, and tarot cards, and all are within the abilities of the average magician. I'll mention a few of my favorites. No No takes an old mindreading gag and turns it into the first part of a convincing number divination. AdamSmyth is another number divination, based on the Smith-Myth principle. Zodiaccount uses the Linda Goodman book Love Signs in a clever book test. And Quintasense is an ingenious combination of the well-known Matrix force and the Major Arcana of the tarot deck.

May 2001 Seven Year Itch

Curiously, it was also the Blackstone show that instilled in a nine-year old Stan Kramien the desire to be a professional magician. Stan has had an amazing career, in and out of show business. He created and toured with four different illusion shows Magicapades, Magicazam, The Mad World of Magic, and Shazam. He did club dates, trade shows, and fairs. He worked on a touring girlie show, a five-in-one, and a spook show. He toured with his own circus. In addition to performing, he had success as a radio personality, a booker promoter, and as a supplier of exotic pets. Last year Stan was in a devastating car accident, but happily he is on the mend. Those with an interest in Bizarre Magick will certainly want to take a look at The Book of Haunted Magick by Rick Maue. Mr. Maue offers 50 items, each accompanied with an intriguing patter plot. Happily, the methods that accomplish these effects are more sophisticated than the average Bizarre Magick fare. A wide variety of props are utilized,...

The Breakthrough Card System

Tremendous advantage over its competition. Please spread out the deck and look it over closely. Notice the unequal sequence of the colors and suits. Look at the locations of the 10's and court cards. Notice the unequal spacing of the Aces. Take any value and see if you can find a relationship to other cards of that same value. Even notice how the top half of the deck bears no resemblance to the bottom half. This all may seem as though I am splitting hairs, but I would hope by now you would understand I am a totally practical person. It is the supreme randomness of the Breakthrough that makes it so effective in the performance situation. Now let me finally explain why.

The Use of Cards in Mentalism

It should also be mentioned that since time immortal, there have been those who use cards for telling fortunes. Long before Tarot decks were so readily available, this was standard fare. Along those same lines, playing cards were often used to test ESP before the Rhine cards became more common.

Props and Environment

Most psychic readers use some sort of a table. Many use a card table, draped with a heavy cloth. Instead of the standard dining-room or kitchen table, or the cloth-draped card table, invest in a clear, glass topped table. It will offer a number of advantages, whether you read Tarot cards, palms, or receive psychic impressions, sitting with one hand over your eyes. Instead of looking through the table, take advantage of the reflective top of the table, which can be put to subtle use in a number of ways, including card readings. One is simply an empty box in which he keeps his Tarot cards, index cards, and other items he might use in a reading. Fastened inside the lid of the box, although the client can't see them, are a hundred year calendar and a list of social-security numbers (see Chapter 12). At one time, before he committed them to memory, he also used the lid to conceal a list of the Zodiac signs and the dates they represent, and a corresponding list of birthstones.

Trisoteric An Useful Tool

An example of the second option could be forcing a Tarot card and then having the participant write its identity inside the TRIANGLE AREA. As I've already said, in the recent years, I've always framed it as an esoteric ritual and thus zodiacal signs and Tarot cards have perfectly served my purpose.

New Pieces To An Old Puzzle

Intrinsic Hand Stretch

Effect Charles Jordan, in 1919, marketed a multiple assembly trick called Like Seeks Like . In it, four hats were lined up and the aces and court cards were removed from the deck. Each hat received a jack, queen, king and ace of matching suit. Yet, when the contents of the hats were next exhibited, all the aces had gathered in one, all the jacks in another, and so on. The plot was a fascinating problem, but Mr. Jordan's method was suitable only for platform or stage, as it entailed a rather arduous exercise in back palming. The trick can be found in Charles T. Jordan Collected Tricks (pp. 87-88), and in Encyclopedia of Card Tricks (p. 344, Hugard revision). Method Openly remove all the aces and court cards from the deck and group them In suits, each group running from face to back ace-jack-queen-king. Stack the four groups in CHaSeD suit order, with the clubs at the bottom and the diamonds on top i.e., the ace of clubs is at the face of the packet, and the king of diamonds at the...

Reading Bridgepoker Cards

A great resource of impromptu material can be per-formed with a standard deck of cards. With only the barest knowledge, you can explain that our modern deck is derived from the Tarot. The suit of Spades comes from the suit of Swords, Hearts from Cups, Clubs from Rods, and Diamonds from Pentacles. If you are familiar with the minor arcana, you can then read directly from the cards that are used today. If you are not familiar with the Tarot, and don't wish to learn them all, you can make do with a brief combination of knowledge of suit meaning and numerology. Diamonds (Pentacles) is the suit of commerce and business, materialism. enjoyment of work and the benefits thereof, merchants, trades and money. For a short and impromptu reading, have the person mix the cards (you can do it yourself), then deal out three rows of either 3 or 5 cards. The row closest to the person can represent their past, the middle row their present, and the distant row the future. Read the cards according to the...

A link to another world

So. you say that you don't believe in the supernatural that occult is just so much bunk. You think that the Tarot is a new name for a breakfast drink and the 1 Ching is the new ambassador to the United States from the Peoples Republic of China. Well Bunky. Herb Dewey, a local psychic, thinks that you're probably just unaware of the possibilities in the universe. Dewey, a resident of the Manchester area for the last 15 years, came by The Journal office this week to read the Tarot for your erstwhile editor and a few of the staff. He told me to shuffle the Tarot deck and to pick out fifteen cards that he laid out on the table face down. Once all the cards were laid out he turned them over and began to tell me things that he saw felt in the cards. In the interest of science and fair play we asked Mr. Dewey if he would consent to read the tarot for two other Journal staff members which he did not expect.

Why are psychic or cold readings done

The one-on-one reading is a private affair and most often involve a quasi-counseling flavor. The reading may involve the use of s or aids such as a crystal ball, tarot cards, or birth data. The reading be done at a booth or table in a public place such as a restaurant, a shopping mall, a side table at a party, or may be done in the office or home of reader. The time may range from a 5 or 10 minute quick reading to an hour or more. In this type of reading, the information is tailored to the individual being read and is the most likely to involve the use of information or feedback from the client. Scheduled Readings. Scheduled readings may be either the anticipated one-on-one or as a planned part of a program. They permit the arrangements that may facilitate the outcome, having a tarot deck, birth data. Or other supports as well as the possibility of collecting some data or Information to be used in the course of events. These can be planned. Rehearsal of specific aspects,...

Cold reading strategies

There can be little doubt that the relatively high levels of belief in paranormal phenomena among members of the general population are due in part to impressive experiences which they were unable, after consideration, to account for in terms of more mundane processes (cf. Schmeidler, 1985). Irwin (1985), for example, reports personal experience to be the primary factor loading on belief, irrespective of the breadth of the measure. One potentially important source of impressive experiences is through interactions with professional psychics such as palmists and Tarot readers (Schouten, 1993), and a number of sceptical commentators have claimed (without citing particular empirical evidence) that clients are typically impressed with the content of readings they have solicited (Dutton, 1988 French et al 1991 Hyman, 1989).

Tools Psychic Crutches

In Paris, at a table in a sidewalk restaurant, a young dark-eyed girl leans forward, as she patiently interprets a layout of the colorful and mysterious-looking cards called Tarot. Thousands of miles away, in a candle-lit room in Los Angeles, a woman focuses her eyes, as she looks deep into a polished crystal ball. And aboard one of Hong Kong's famed floating restaurants, an old man, obsidian eyes set in wrinkled parchment, casts three ancient Chinese coins, to start an I Ching reading. That day, he made almost nothing, although everyone around him was kept busy. But, following that experience, the psychic went out and did some shopping. He bought a crystal ball and a pack of Tarot cards. On the other hand, continuing elements of mysticism have long provided a protective mantle of plausibility to the ancient rune and witches stones, the crystal ball, Tarot cards, and I Ching. If you are the intense, darkly-brooding type, you might experiment with the witches' and rune stones, or with...

Elements about extracting information

To see how this works, let us consider our default example of a one-on-one tarot reading. Suppose that during an early part of the reading, an exchange takes place which involves a Direct Question In a tarot reading, the Jargon Blitz would involve references to the meanings of specific cards, and other tarot terminology. It might sound something like this Interestingly enough, I see we've got the Five of Swords, an important card within the lesser arcana, traditionally associated with challenge and struggle in affairs of the heart. What's intriguing is that in the same conjunction of the spread, we've already had 'The Hermit', originally one of the lower triad cards and now generally regarded as indicating not only solitude, but also the accomplishment of personal goals. It's as if the cards are suggesting your personal goals are, at this time, due to take priority over romance. I don't know if this makes sense to you. To the best of my knowledge, 'lesser arcana' and 'the spread'...

CR and the illusion of knowledge

It's the Rainbow Ruse, adapted from the psychic context to the sales context. In the psychic context, the 'information' is supposed to come from some esoteric field of study such as astrology or the tarot. This is not generally considered suitable for business meetings, so the salesman refers to some other plausible source, such as a newspaper's business section, the trade press or a 'friend who used to work in the industry'. He then takes two opposite characteristics which could apply to any industry, in this example 'change' and 'stasis', and joins them at the hip in classic Rainbow Ruse fashion.

Elements about facts and events

Here is a typical example that might form part of a tarot reading, assuming the reading is taking place somewhere in the United States Many psychics give readings which incorporate a degree of health diagnosis, even if this is not their main focus. For example, a graphologist or a tarot reader might well say

Nit Court Card Cut Prop

This simple prop should get you a good deal of action among your card-playing friends. Have someone take a regulation deck of cards and shuffle it. 1 hen have him cut die deck into three piles. Now offer to bet even money that at least one of the three cards he cuts to is a picture card either a jack, queen, or king. You 11 have to give your victim a few uiomeiiLs lo mull over the odds, but if he has any sporting blood, lie will probably go for it. His reasoning will run something like this there are twelve court cards in the deck that's less than one in four, therefore, even if you have three tries at hitting eine, the odds are against you. You would have to have at least four tries to make it an even bet.

Economy Class Departure

Ankle Wrapping Techniques

In circumstances where one is lacking duplicate jokers, and similar court cards, like red kings or blackjacks, have been substituted, you may wish to eliminate the Stanyon false count. It has been my experience, however, that even magicians don't notice that the same card is seen twice during the count. Their attention seems focused on the face-down card, causing them to overlook the discrepancy.

Additions to David Eldridge

Tarot A Peering Behind The Smoke and Mirrors It has been rare for me to write or at least publish Tarot tricks . This one was created for the final issue of Behind the Smoke and Mirrors magazine, to which a few of my friends and I contributed. I was so fond of the tone in the magazine that I just couldn't resist adding one final piece. Since I created this while in the midst of writing the manuscript you hold in your hands, I include this piece as one more bonus. It's off beat, full of suggestions and linguistic influence, metaphor, and such. Hope you enjoy it in the manner in which it was intended. Let's begin with the words. Since no one is afraid of a deck of cards, do you mind if I use an older deck I'm fresh out of new ones. Great. I have deck of cards known as Tarot that we shall use tonight, then. Oh, don't change your minds now Is there anyone afraid of numbers by any chance Some people are worried, I can tell. Are you in the construction business They don't like buildings...

The Personalised Birthday Square

He began by recalling that every time he met Caroline she would ask him to show her a card trick. He took out a pack of cards as if about to show magic but instead took time to explain the parallels between a deck of cards and a calendar, the bible and an almanac (Soldier's Almanac). There are, for instance, four seasons and four suits. Twelve court cards and twelve months in a year. Thirteen weeks in a season and thirteen cards in a suit. Fifty-two weeks in a year and fifty-two cards in a pack. And perhaps most surprising of all, the three hundred and sixty-five days of the year are matched by three hundred and sixty-five spots in a pack of cards. He wrote the numbers down on a white board 13,52,365,4,12 and then asked Caroline to choose one of them, remember it and wipe it from the board. Then he asked her to wipe away the rest of the numbers, all except for one, which, for the moment at least, she kept secret.

F9inmjpre anb tlje permit of ang

Effect The first twelve cards of the Major Arcana are laid out faces up in two rows of six cards each. The first row of cards is right side-up, while the second row is upside-down. A prediction is written and laid to one side of the table. The performer begins, The ancient Cabalists used to say that if you took twelve cards from the Tarot and arranged them in this way, you had constructed the universe in symbolic form. The top row of cards Symbolized the active or 'yang forces of the twelve Houses of the Zodiac, while the bottom row became the 'yin' or passive forces. They felt that the active and passive forces were always struggling with each other for supremacy, but were always destined to remain in balance. Each of these six columns represents a segment of the universe divided into its active and passive elements. By turning over three of the 'yang' cards in the top row and three 'yin1 cards in the bottom row, balance is created in the universe. Just one of the cards in each...

Section Three Putting the theory to the test

This section features two examples from my own televised demonstrations of cold reading. In the first, I was asked to pose as a tarot reader, and in the second as an astrologer. Both of these demonstrations were given for British TV. I will also make passing reference to a third demonstration, for American TV, in which I posed as a clairvoyant.

Kentons Killer Readings

Now think of the NUMBER on your card See that NUMBER Focus in on that DIGIT , you say and pause for a moment. Look at the spectator and frown. Okay, if it's a COURT CARD think of THAT If a spectator is thinking of a Jack, Queen or King, your pausing after telling them to think of their NUMBER will often cause the spectator to feel inclined to ask you what they should do if their choice isn't a number. At the very least they generally get a very odd expression on their face. When you frown and look at them some more, if they are thinking of a court card and haven't said anything, this is when they are probably going to spill the beans. After this second pause, if they still have not said anything and are holding out on you, your direct instruction about court cards is likely to get them laughing wildly. I would suggest you look up playing card readings in Wonder Readings if you can find it, and also you may want to consult Wonder Words about the phrasing used in this routine. There...

T fubgement of Ctoin goulsi

Effect The performer asks two spectators to help him. If they are in some way related, that's all the better, because you hope to show them how two minds can think alike. The Major Arcana is given to one of them to mix. When he is done, he is told to cut the deck anywhere he likes and give part of it to the other spectator. They both silently count their cards, remember their numbers, put the cards back together and mix them some more, while the performer's back is turned. He then turns around and takes the cards. He deals the cards slowly onto the table, showing the face of each card to one of the spectators. Effect The performer asks two spectators to help him. If they are in some way related, that's all the better, because you hope to show them how two minds can think alike. The Major Arcana is given to one of them to mix. When he is done, he is told to cut the deck anywhere he likes and give part of it to the other spectator. They both silently count their cards, remember their...

Separating The Men From The Boys

Effect All twelve court cards are openly removed from the deck and shown. The four queens are set aside and the face-down jacks are neatly alternated with the face-up kings. The four queens are waved over the combined kings and jacks in a magical manner and with no hint of subterfuge, then are set down again. The held packet is now fanned, showing four face-down cards still interlaced with the face-up kings but when the fan is turned over, the face-down cards aie seen to be the queens, not the jacks and the jacks are found on the table, where the queens were thought to have been. All this is performed to a tale of innocence, paternal love and an expos of the evil ways of big-city women. It is also done without recourse to gaffed or extra cards. Just the twelve court cards are used. Here Mr. Elmsley once more demonstrates how a potentially confusing effect can be clar ified and enhanced by an entertaining presentation. To prepare for this excellent trick, openly remove the jacks,...

Navelgazing Cold Reading

02) In otherwords you use Navel-Gazing to easily obtain FREE PUBLICITY for your more conventional Psychic talents and needless to say the clients these articles attract are then given only a brief Navel-Reading before going onto a more normal Tarot or Palmistry session.

CHAPto5 Foul Locale Pg

Galvez walked warily through the Lower Quarters, his hand staid close to his longsword hilt. He had heard that a tarot mage had opened a shop somewhere within this dangerous quadrant of the city, and he sought guidance. Perhaps the advice of Tarl, the bouncer at the Lusty Mermaid, or maybe the spirits running through his veins had inspired him to seek out the mysterious mage. Nevertheless, he was troubled. Having lost his companions, he knew he needed to find a new adventuring group. The bill collectors had begun to circle like hungry vultures if he did not find a way to pay off his loan from the usurer, Jacob, his weapons and armor might be forfeit. Without that precious equipment, he would have to slink back to his father and beg to work the family farm again. Hunting intrusive weeds or the occasional gopher did not compare to exploring lost mines and hidden dangers that he had faced. He would do anything to avoid the humiliation of returning to his father and his jeering brothers....

Arc An E rlY8tERiE8 TftRQt rriAGiC

Tarot Magic is copyright 2002-2003, Mystic Eye Games. Arcane Mysteries and Foul Locales are trademarks of Mystic Eye Games. Tarot Magic may not be copied or reproduced without the expressed permission of Mystic Eye Games. For information on the Open Game Content and Product Identity of the material in Tarot Magic, please refer to the

From Magical Mixture 1943

A forerunner to the popular Black Widow effect published in the Pallbearers Review by Alan Brown. This is the same plot. A red Ace is placed between two red court cards and a black Ace is placed between two black court cards. The Aces change places. (PD) From the pack remove two red court cards and two black court cards, the Ace of Clubs and the Ace of hearts. Place the Ace of Hearts between the two red court cards and the Ace of Clubs between the two black court cards. Deal the cards in a row as follows - First card face up, second cards face down, third card face up, fourth card face up, fifth card face down, sixth card face up. When you turn up the two face down Aces they will be seen to have changed over. The black Ace will be seen between the red court cards and the red Ace between the black court cards. A simple trick, but somehow I like it.

Am wrong in fact but right within system

The psychic accepts she was wrong in terms of plain fact, but right in the terms of the psychic or divinatory system she is using. For example, if the psychic is giving a tarot reading, she may hazard a guess that the client has a sister, and make a statement accordingly Well, actually, within tarot we use 'sister' to mean any female with whom you have a close friendship or whom you know well

Establishing the belief system

As well as establishing her own credentials, as above, the psychic also establishes the credentials of the tarot, or whatever divinatory system is on offer. This leads the client to take the proceedings seriously, if not necessarily solemnly. For example, the psychic may refer to the tarot's long history, or to how well accredited it is, or to the many clients who have benefited from its insights.

Rpt IjIAGE Spell PRGRpssioi Table

Craft Minor Arcana Craft Major Arcana Knowledge (tarot) (Int) This area of knowledge allows the character to learn the different meanings of the minor and major arcana. Some decks have slightly different interpretations for each card, and the character is aware of how the various decks work. Perform (tarot reading) (Wis) This skill allows the individual to perform a tarot reading. Whether the reader is honest or a fraud, this skill allows the reader to interact with the subject. This skill is part stage magic and part psychologist as the reader works with the reactions of the subject to better explore his her true desires.

Cfje W2t of tfje tyzmni

Effect The chart of the Zodiac is laid down on the table. It depicts the Wheel of the Heavens with twelve numbered Houses with the Zodiacal Signs that belong in them. A spectator is handed the Minor Arcana and told to note what the number of the House of his Sign is. He is then told to turn his back, remove that many cards secretly from the top of the deck and place them in his pocket. When he has done this, the performer asks him to deal one card on each of the Houses on the chart. The rest of the deck is put aside. By placing random cards on each of the Signs of the Zodiac, you have constructed a unique Tarot fortune for each Sign, says the performer. The spectator is asked to remove the cards he placed in his pocket. The performer examines them and tells the spectator something about himself and his Sign. He then has the spectator turn over the card that he laid on his Sign on the chart. (Say it is the King of Coins. ) Then, attention is drawn to a small card that has been laying...

For the Conscientious Objector

For those who would do no physical harm to others even though it might mean the loss of life or property to them, I suggest the venerable technique of Cards from Mouth. The pacifist, sensing danger, should secrete a bunch of cards in the buccal cavity of the mouth. When the attack is imminent and all other options denied, he should quickly pull the cards from the facial orifice. This will cause the prospective assailant to gasp in horror and run away. (Tests have shown the most unsightly combination to be one composed of a mixture of court cards and jokers.)

Directive Demonstration Anchoring

When to use pattern This pattern far and away works the best within the first few minutes of meeting her. It's particularly good for girls who are really into New Age bullshit like astrology, tarot cards, ESP, UFO's and all that other crap. You can use it over the phone, in writing, or of course, as it works best, face to face

The Card that Finds Itself

The method is simple and well covered. After having the pack shuffled by a spectator, under cover of squaring the cards, pull the top card to the bottom, reversing it in the process, and sight its top index by pulling it a little to the left. With an overhand shuffle run cards to the bottom, one less than the number indicated by the value of the card. Thus if the card is a seven you run six, and so on for the court cards, jack, queen and king take the values at eleven, twelve and thirteen.

Z Wmd aaut Book and Routine

CAN'T SEP is a complete card act of six star effects that is performed genuinely blindfolded. A spectator shuffles the pack, and the performer (i) deals out all the court cards, (2) separates these court cards into suits, (j) runs through pack and places the correct ace on each pile, (4) deals the pack haphazardly into two piles, and turns them over to show-one pile all red and the other all black, (5) instantly cuts to any card called for, and repeats as required, (6) concludes with Paul Curry's famous Out of This World routine.

Do not answer questions

You must excuse me, but I'm not sure I follow this. You're asking me a question, 'Who is Jane '. Well, how am I to know I'm not psychic. I hoped the tarot or whatever was going to answer questions for me, not that I was going to answer questions for the tarot. Either of these responses are poisonous to the cold reading process, but perfectly fair for a genuine psychic. Why should the tarot be able to deliver first names but not surnames

This is a simple elaboration of Roy Waltons School Daze that appeared in Profile magazine The underlying principle was

Ask the spectator to remove three cards - a low value, a medium value and a high value. Explain that to keep things simple court cards will count as ten. Meanwhile, you hold your section faces towards you and note the second card from the face - let's say it's the Ace of Spades. Count this card as ONE and continue to count until you reach 20. Cut the packet at this point to place the AS at the 20th position from the top of the packet. Write the name of this card on a piece of paper which you give to someone to hold. Meanwhile, retain the packet in your hands.

Materials You Will Require

There's not much you will need to make The Zodiac Effect work. A simple deck of tarot cards will work. If you decide to use the effects I have included towards the end of this book, you will need some envelopes too. There's a ton of tarot decks on the market. Some of the imagery on the cards ranges from the perverse to straight out blood thirsty. I would like to recommend the Rider-Waite deck. These cards contain images of the tarot that we are all familiar with. Please feel free to choose the deck whose imagery fits your performing style. For The Zodiac Effect you will need to use the 22 card known as the Major Arcana. You can do with the minor what ever you see fit, I personally use them for coasters.

Establishing psychic credentials

One of the commonest is to display testimonials from previous clients. Another is to display certificates from some palace of erudition such as the 'Something-somewhere Centre for Tarot Studies'. These testimonials and certificates may be genuine. Then again, in this day of desk-top publishing and 'instant print' shops, anyone can create and frame their own. I certainly did, and had great fun doing so. Another neat ruse is to have a couple of appropriate reference books on hand, encouraging the idea that the tarot (or whatever the chosen discipline happens to be) is a vast field of study. It is a cute touch, in the course of a reading, to reach for some weighty reference tome in order to 'clarify' a fine point of interpretation One more way to boost credentials is to use good quality props. Tarot cards which are well-made, and beautifully illustrated, carry more conviction than ones resembling free prizes from a cereal packet. I prefer to use 'The Medieval Scapini Tarot' deck produced...

Encouraging cooperative interpretation

The psychic takes care to mention that the tarot is not an exact science - it involves some elements of interpretation. She might use other terms, such as 'intuitive understanding' or 'sensitivity'. The point is to foster the notion that both she and the client are supposed to work together and co-operate. For example, the psychic might say something like

With a Single Card You

Some of my mentalist friends will have parted from reading this a long time ago, when they saw the dreaded word card . But mentalists should consider how this very idea might be applied to index cards, business cards, notepaper, billets, and so forth. Now that I have tipped the special substance so that you may make your own special items, there is no need to limit this method to playing cards, or even Tarot or ESP cards. Think beyond common card stock. You need not dismiss this great utility just because you dislike playing cards. Surely, mentalists may be as creative as magicians, and will find their own unique applications to fit their particular needs. By the way, the Kards I like to make up most are Blue backed Bicycle card, red backed Bicycle card, red backed Bee back card, one Ryder back tarot, one red blue double-back, one blue blue double-back, one red red double-back, one double-face, one red backed Bicycle and one blue backed Bicycle card. These last two are cut short and...

In Our Opinion

The two of us have had ongoing conversations for years about how to create perfect readings . While Rex was contributing some outstanding material for the final volume of Wonder Words, we agreed to join forces and focus on this issue of readings. We began exchanging ideas, tools and creative applications. We found new combinations of tools, and unusual practical applications. Soon we were able to make all of these methods simple and easy to use. Little or no memory was involved in many of the methods. No laborious facial or body reading cues. No long lessons on the skills usually required to use such tools as tarot cards or palmistry. No longwinded disclaimers. Methods were realized that could actually help a spectator without giving advice. The ability to do readings without any fear whatsoever clicked into place. Yet with all of these breakthroughs - a startling discovery People who learned and used these tools often felt as if they might really be reading the thoughts of others


The Major Arcana from a deck of Tarot. A black silk to keep the Tarot wrapped in. (Whilst strictly speaking this is optional, I cannot recommend this highly enough. It is customary to keep Tarot wrapped in black silk amongst fortune tellers, so this one little touch makes you seem all the more genuine to those in the know). As the routine is essentially a force, I choose a tarot card that isn't a particularly positive one. Whilst I'm not a fan of giving spectators the Death card, giving them a more negative one can make what you are doing appear more genuine. having good fortunes pop up repeatedly from a deck that is so scary about half your audience will refuse to touch it seems a little false to me. But, do as you will.


Begin by handing out the Tarot, and allow a spectator to un-wrap them and shuffle them. As this is being done, write your prediction (in our case, The Fool) and place it into their pocket. I make a grand gesture of this, but I don't say a word. To cover this action, I explain that all of the Tarot cards have a meaning, and I stop on a few as I spread through to give examples. I might stop on the Death card, for example, and comment that whilst it looks pretty bleak, it actually represents change. Move the left hand so that the faces of the tarot are facing your spectators. With the right hand, you apparently pull out the out jogged cards (the selected ones) from the top short edge.

Backs Up

Remove the court cards from the red pack, mix them, note the bottom one, say it is the JS, put them at the bottom of the pack with a couple of spot cards below them, all the other spot cards will thus be above the court cards. In the blue pack reverse the JS and place it second from the top. Put both packs in their cases.

Clje Jforce o Jfatr

Effect A spectator is given the Minor Arcana to mix. Then he divides the deck exactly in half, keeps one half and places the other half on the table. From his half, he freely selects any three cards and places them face-up on the table. The performer tells him, The deck of the Tarot is firmly based on the Cabalistic doctrines and numero-logical principles of the ancient mystics and holy men. No matter how the deck is arranged or mixed, it retains a certain inner unity or wholeness. Each card interrelates to each of the others. No matter how well you mixed these cards, those mystic relationships still hold. You have selected three cards here at random. If you will perform some nume rological procedures and computations for me, I can reveal certain facts about the relationships of the cards as they now stand in this pack. The spectator follows these instructions and whatever cards he has left undealt from his half are dropped onto the tabled half deck. The performer studies the lay-out...

E3book R

The first one, The Red Book of Mentalism, contains ten items in 20 pages of the kind we have been accustomed to expect from this prolific author. The Four-sided Triangle is a prediction in which a spectator thinks of a playing card and his thoughts coincide with a card selected by another spectator, and yet another spectator opens a large envelope and removes a Jumbo card which also proves to be of the same suit and value. Parallax is a divination in which duplicates a geometric design, a letter, and a number written by three different spectators. Disposable Color is a psychological force with an 'out' if it fails. Writers Cramp is a really natural and unsuspected way of switching billets. Happy Horoscoper is for those who like to include an astrological reading wherein Happy Birthday appears only on the back of a card bearing his birth sign. The five remaining effects include the use of Tarot cards. A 'Stop' effect using design cards which includes instruction for a pocket switch of...

Good News

Divination Tarot - 6 of Wands Level 1 This spell provides the target with an inkling of best outcome from a specific action. Before the spell is cast the target must specify what action she is contemplating. The spell will show a vague image of the results of the action. This spell can be misleading and some tarot mages use this spell instead of other divination spells to convince a target to take certain actions. Even if there is danger or great risk, the spell will only show the positive outcomes of the action. A fighter, asking whether she should kick open the locked door, may see himself herself standing in front of a great treasure she may not see the great and powerful serpent guarding it

For Christs Sake

Give the deck to a spectator, saying, Shuffle the deck. We need two cards for this trick, so I want you to look through and remove any card and place it face-down on the table. Then, I'll pick one. To keep things simple all court cards will equal ten. Once he has placed a card on the table, take the deck and spread through count twenty cards then downjog the twenty-first, and toss out a Ten spot face-down onto the first 4. Place the deck on the table and draw attention to the values of the two Magic cards. One is a Ten spot because that's what you took out. The other is either a Ten (court cards ten too) or less. Less brings in the Christ concept. However, if both equal ten, simply have their values totaled (giving 20) then ask spectator A to count down to the 20th card which will be his selection.

Mephistos Message

Pack as follows 3, 2, court card, 5 2, court card, 5, 3 court card, 5, 3, 2 5, 3, 2, court card. Note that these cards make up four groups of four cards, the spots on which, counting court cards as two, amount to twelve. Count to the twelfth card from the bottom and write its name on a slip of paper and seal it in an envelope.


The first and second hands' contents are not controlled. However, it is certain that there are no aces, and almost certain that there are any tens or court cards. Therefore, you can announce that your hunch is that the hand is made up of spot cards. The second dealt hand is likely to contain a pair of eights or a pair of deuces, possibly both. With a bit of pumping you can often come surprisingly close to identifying the contents of the hand.


You might think about what happens during the four seasons in nature. Then consider how these natural events might relate to the seasons indicated in the four suits. You may wish to just look at a court card for a while and see what you notice that may have additional meaning. Many tarot students are taught to go inside the card and check it out mentally, to get impressions. You might try some visualizations like this as well. Or consider the patterns you see in the card chart that we did not mention. Or consider what you know about numbers, and how that may relate to playing cards and meaning. Allow yourself the freedom to explore, and you may be surprised at what your intuition gives you. There are twelve court cards, as there are twelve months of the year. There are fifty two cards as there are fifty two weeks in a year. There are 365 spots equal to 365 days in a year. There are thirteen cards in each suit. In Ancient traditions this is the twelve signs of the zodiac plus the...


421 tarot I see a clearing in the moonlight. There is a campfire burning. It all looks so romantic. There is a tripod over the fire, with a cast iron soup kettle hanging from it. The beef soup smells so goodl And there are some tents and a wagon around the fire. This must be a Gypsy Camp. It is happy here. I hear the sound of the Gypsy violin, the rattle of the castanets, and the whir of the tambourine. Someone is doing a flamenco dance. And now I come to another part of the camp. An old woman sits at a table which is sitting on an expensive tapestry. Before her, on the table, there is a crystal ball. There are also tarot cards on the table, but she is not reading the cards or looking into the ball. She is looking intently at someone's hand. She must be a palmist Strange, but that's w at I see. She tells her visitor of past joy and pain, a man nods his head, as if to say, you are righ right. Is she just another fortune teller, or is she a


H Erein will be found a number of items using the Tarot deck, so it is probably appropriate to begin by discussing what kind of Tarot deck is used. There are many different decks available, as a look through the U.S. Games Systems catalog will show in what follows, however we will assume the standard Rider-Watte deck is used. While this deck is not the best on either a technical or aesthetic level, it is by far the besL-known and most recognizable and therefore to most querents it is (ironically) the most 'authentic'. You may not necessarily accept the divinatory properties of the Tarot deck be that as it may, if you are to present Tarot work in anything approaching a convincing manner you arc going to have to learn about die cards not just supposed individual meanings, but also the history and symbolism involved. In this subsection a number of methods for secretly gaining knowledge of a querent's thought or question will be described. It should be noted, however, that these are...

Layout Concepts

Most Tarot readers use the Celtic Cross layout pattern for reading, and it is perfectly serviceable. Here are, however, a pair of variations which you may find interesting. Since there are numerous interesting and appropriate experiments with the Tarot that require two decks, this is an interesting way of bringing a sccond deck into play. My adaptation of th is tech n ique to the Ihrot deck is as follows '1 he deck is divided into three groups of cards the Greater Arcana (titled cards 0 through 2.T), the Court Cards (Page, Knight, Queen and King) of the Lesser Arcana, and the Number Cards (1 through 10 of the Lesser Arcana, The querent mixes each of these three groups separately. You I 775 then take the Court Cards and deal them out in a face-up four-by-four square. Sixteen of the dumber Cards are dealt out, on top of the eards already there.

Marked Decks

Tarot decks are not the easiest to mark in partbecausc there are half-again as many cards as in a regular deck. Also, few such decks lend themselves to marking systems the hacks used by U.S. Games Systems fnr the popular Rider-Waitc deck (sometimes called a Steamboat back from a particular deck which used this back pattern) does not lend itself to extensive markings and some odiers are even worse. If you are familiar with Ted Lesley's Working Performer's Marked Deck you will understand how its principle can be adapted to Tarot. This is an excellent solution to the problem its only drawback is finding the proper and practical marking materials required. If you are familiar with the Nikola or any other memorized stack, you can apply an interesting notion of Ed Mario's which is to mark the cards not by suit and value but by their numerical position in the stack.19 The card is then simply 'translated' into its Tarot equivalent as indicated above.

The Magic Circle

The circle should be at least a double circle with a lot of Hebrew and Egyptian characters, pentacles and astrological insignia dotted around. It is quite normal to draw a pentagram (a five-pointed star) in the middle, but make sure it's the right way up or it becomes a sign of the Devil.

Reading List

Along with The Tarot Reader's Notebook, Ron has written some of the best stuff available for the professional Reader. Ron takes some liberties with Classical Palmistry, but it's close enough and he makes it work. He throws in Runes, Numerology, Auras, etc. You could get your entire education from this book and do well. His approach is very, very good.

Too Perfect Theory

Peter Duffle's Centrifugal Diary is a prediction effect. Using a deck of cards, a spectator determines a month and day of the year. (This is done by cutting a bunch of cards, shuffling them, sorting out the court cards, and separating the reds and blacks. The spectator counts the number of court cards, and then picks either the red or black cards and counts those. The number of court cards determines the month of the year, the number of the selected-color cards determines the date.) The spectator looks up the determined date in the calendar and the card at that date is noted. A prediction envelope is opened (it has been in sight the entire time). The card in the envelope matches the card on the selected date. The other Duffie trick, The Diary of Delusion, is also a prediction effect, but it uses an entirely different method to determine the card.

Stephen Tucker Magic

A magic wonder workshop with John Carney was held at Fridhem College in Svalov, Sweden, recently, with twenty magicians from amateurs to full time professionals accepting the challenge to learn more about the inner secrets of magic from a very skilled, professional magician and teacher, reports Ake Hallberg.

Irk gtrtvings

In A Mirror Darkly The Sequel * Tarot Tell Challenge Name-A-Card * Extra Sensory Perception * Arcane Image Tarot-Optic * Warm Fuzzies Up Close * Tarot Tell Basic Kit * Arcane Symbol Minded Par-Optic Plus * Seven Keys To Baldpate * The Sight Unseen Case * Puzzler Psychic Psuds * Happy Meal Miracle * Sea Shell Divination Kit * Open & Shut Froggie * A Work Of Art (with Robin Dewitt) * Mask-erade * Mask-erade II & III The Joint's Jumpin' * Koran Style Force Deck * Koran Style Two-Way Force Deck The Precognitive Puppet * Chip Shot * The Precognitive Phinger Puppet The Ultimate Invisible Brainwave * Blistering * Hypno-Voque * A Binding Choice * Squeek Me Mindevelopmental II (with Lee Marelli) * One Deck Premonition * Technicolor Miracle Psychic Psnoop * Lotto Luck * A Perfect Match * You Make The Call * Psychic Influence

Born Backwards

Arthur Brandon was born July 19, 1916 in Alliance, Ohio, a small town about 25 miles southeast of Akron. His father, Harry, was a chauffeur and a truck driver. His mother Katie brought in some extra money by cooking in restaurants. Katie gave birth to ten children. Only Arthur and his sister Evelyn survived past infancy. Arthur's parents were hard working, earthy, funny people. Most importantly, they were supportive of their son's dream to be a professional magician. The duo moved west, and in their apartment above Sharpe's Cafeteria they designed, built, and rehearsed illusions. The act began to take shape, and there followed a long period of paying dues gigs at state fairs, a stint with Meeker's Greater Shows (a touring carnival), and endless one-night-stands throughout the United States. When times were lean, Roger would supplement their income by working as a waiter and Milo would give psychic readings. In fact, astrology, numerology, and mysticism were important subjects to Milo,...


Incantation For Willpower

Universal Tarot - Strength Level 3 If the open-ended, freewheeling tarot mage does not fit within the campaign, or if the GM decides that it is too complicated to use and control, the tarot cards can also be tied to the traditional spells of wizards and sorcerers. Using this system, the minor arcana become very important. Each suit of the tarot deck corresponds to two of the arcane schools. In order to cast a spell, the tarot mage must have the appropriate combination of cards. Except for cantrips, spells need at least two cards the first corresponds to the level of the arcane school and the second corresponds to the particular effect. For example, in order to cast magic missile, the tarot mage must have the Two of Swords and the Page of Swords. The Two of Swords allows the mage to cast a first level Evocation spell and the Page of Swords defines the evocation as magic missile. The major arcane can be used in two ways the major arcana can be used to augment the ability scores as...

Occult Literature

Most people presume that there is only one pentacle - i.e. the Pentacle or Seal of Solomon. In fact there are dozens of pentacles and The Key lists them in monotonous detail, along with what they do, and the names of the angels or spirits connected with them. Ideal bed-time reading.

Spirit Mastery

Clipart Free Boy Scout Border

Tarot -10 of Wands Tarot - Knight of Wands Level 5 Tarot - King of Wands Level 5 This spell establishes a special link to the spirit world. This link allows the target to immediately ask 5 questions. Unlike the contact other plane spell, the spirits contacted are not hostile in any way toward the caster. The spirit will answer any question to the best of its ability, but the GM can determine the width and breadth of the spirit's knowledge. The caster may attempt to call a specific spirit, but she must know the spirit's true name and then succeed at a contact roll, d20 + level of caster (DC 20). A specific spirit may have very detailed knowledge. For example, Joshua, the tarot mage is trying to gain access to Shadowmire castle. He knows that the architect of the castle was the famed engineer Kithian. Joshua calls the spirit of Kithian and learns that there are secret passages into the castle. Tarot - The Hermit Level 6

On The Road Again

Jeff then performs the Water Fountain Production, in which the water is produced from a wad of tissues. The method is easy, practical, and best of all, cheap. This is followed by an excellent Tarot card routine, using a very simple method. For those of you who do cold reading, this little trick may be worth the price of the tapes. The performance segment concludes with McBride's handling of Yoshio Hirose's Torn and Restored Bill and a few more card manipulations.

Double Denominators

There is a rule regarding the court cards which will have to be observed. Not until you have a king, a queen and a jack face up, do you cover them, this time of course using three cards to do so. Each time a trio of court cards turns up, cover them with cards from the pack, but only when the trio is composed of king, queen and jack. So you watch for 'eleven pairs' and trios of court cards and sail along dealing to the end of the pack. If you arrive at the stage where you have only one card in your hand, then it is useless to cover a pair or a trio and it is laid face up in one of the rows. If you have a face up court card or two, then the 'reading' is a little more complicated. Obviously you should never have a king, queen and jack left face up, for you should have gathered them up as a trio, just as you covered that combination in dealing. But it can happen that you will have two court cards showing. Say a king and a jack. In that case, one of the hidden cards will be a queen, the...

Perfectcop mom

How Lateral Palm Card

I mention that cards have always been associated with fortune telling since they were designed around the days of the year. The four suits correspond to the four seasons, and the fifty-two cards to the fifty-two weeks of the year. Also, I add, the real enthusiast will note that the total of all the values in the deck is three hundred and sixty-six, the maximum number of days in the year. The ten numbers leading to three court cards correspond to the ten hidden stages of each lunar cycle that culminate in the three viewable, or 'Royal' stages of the moon's journey that we can see. (I say this last part sincerely and they just keep nodding.) It is therefore believed that the cards we draw from the deck tell us about ourselves. As I say this, I deal the top three cards onto the table face up in a row. Six, six, eight. I say, naming the values. The neighbour of the Beast. She laughs appealingly, and thus becomes a little more responsive to what we are going to do. I return the cards to...

Stoned Miracle

The Psychic Entertainer lays out five different semi-precious gemstones. He also lays out five cards from the Major Arcana from a Tarot deck. The spectator selects any stone and places it on any card. The Amazing One produces a written fortune for the spectator that mentions both the card and the stone


Brunette Lady

The Mentalist shows to his audience a complete Tarots deck and, while he shuffles it, he explains he wants to try something different. For this experiment he needs the assistance of three or four people who will participate in this demonstration of psychometric vibrations. The Mentalist makes clear that each one of the participants will have to pass on the deck some of their vital energy, as it would be done before a typical Tarots reading. They must choose one card that they like over the others and this must be done in one of two ways They must follow their intuition or, better yet, if they know something about the meanings of the Tarots, then they must choose the one card in their group which they feel is the most indicative for the period of their life they are presently going through. I use the Eight Kings stack for the Minor Arcana. In the illustrations at the end of this explanation you will see that I start with the Eight of Pentacles and rotating the suits in Pentacles -...

Psychic baiting

Let me give you an example of what I mean. Imagine that you are having a tarot reading, and the reader says Step 3. Agree, encourage more development, and refer to the alleged mode of the psychic divination. For tarot cards, the reader is supposed to be divining information by looking at the cards. So you say something like Step 4. Praise the accuracy of the psychic method in use, be it tarot cards or astrology or whatever. Encourage the psychic to chime in with self-satisfied words confirming the dependability of her psychic modus operandi It's amazing. I had no idea the tarot could really be so accurate .

Asian Female

Asian people, when read, do not really care for strictly straight psychic readings or clairvoyant readings, meaning simply, holding their hand and talking is not their cup of tea. They would rather use rune stones, I-Ching, Tarot, palmistry, astrology, numerology, because that's the way that they have been taught.

Emotional Stability

Resistencia Emocional

Abjuration Tarot - 8 of Cups Level 4 Tarot - Knight of Pentacles Enchantment (Compulsion) Mind-Affecting Tarot - Page of Cups Level 2 Enchantment (Compulsion) Mind-Affecting Tarot - 5 of Pentacles Level 2 Tarot - 6 of Pentacles Level 3 Enchantment (Compulsion) Mind-Affecting Tarot - 9 of Cups Level 1

Spiritual Strength

Tarot - 7 of Wands or 9 of Wands Level 4 Necromancy Tarot - 7 of Swords Level 4 Transformation Tarot - 4 of Pentacles Level 4 Transformation Tarot - 2 of Pentacles Level 2 Transformation Tarot - 3 of Pentacles Level 4 Tarot - The Chariot or The World or Ace of Pentacles or 7 of Pentacles or 10 of Swords or Queen of Wands Level 1

The Stat Fact

This lacks presentational flair, even if it happens to be correct. So the psychic adds a few grace notes, in keeping with the particular form of reading in offer. The tarot version might go something like this Ah the 3 of Pentacles and, in the same line, The World. A very interesting combination of cards, actually. In general, The World pertains to your own personal domain or presence, like your own home or your own room. This combination suggests the sort of person who makes clear distinctions between things that are important, and things that aren't. You're quite analytical in that respect. It's as if you're inclined to attach far more importance to some possessions than others. You know, you might be the sort who has some photographs, the important ones, neatly compiled into albums, and others which you just sling into an old box, any old how, and never look at.

Achieve Goals

Universal Tarot - The Sun Level 8 With this powerful incantation, the tarot mage is able to set himself herself, or one living creature, on a course of achieving a specified goal. The goal must be tangible and within the realm of reason. For example, to locate a valuable weapon or a priceless jewel would suffice, but greeting every ore or counting every blade of grass in the known world would not. In the end, the GM must approve of the goal before the mage can attempt to cast the card.

Seal Coating

You now have a very powerful tool for your arsenal of effects. The Zodiac Effect grant's you the ability to divine the future and reveal facts about a complete stranger's life. Never again will you be fumbling for playing card to perform a cheesy boring double lift that lasts far too long. This is the gentleman's art form of magic. You have nothing to prove, so don't run if your not chased. If for some reason you feel the necessity to seal the deal of your powers, I have included here a list of effects that take only the Major Arcana of the Tarot Deck. May these effects cause you to rise above the ranks of magician and into the realm of mystery These effects are how legends are created Tarot'metry Want to make a reputation for yourself Want to be known as a Superman Of course you do. That's why you are reading this book (Hopefully a legit copy and not bootlegged ). You know that psychic entertainers have a mystique and aura of power. This effect is quite possibly the single most...

Love Spell

Enchantment (Compulsion) Mind-Affecting Tarot - Ace of Cups Level 6 With this spell, the tarot mage forges a bond of love between two creatures. Each must make a Will saving throw to avoid the effect. Those who fail develop feelings of love for the other target. This will require role-playing on the part of the characters and the GM. In game terms, the affected creatures are automatically very helpful In their reactions and will do what they can to spend time together. It is possible for one target to make the saving throw and the other fail.

Eads ok tails

card reading This is a beautiful routine for a short reading that may be put to good use by a novice, or even an experienced reader. Combining legitimate and magical methods make for a strong effect. Of course, if you prefer, or in a pinch, a regular deck of cards may be used for the reading rather than a Tarot deck. Effect A deck of Tarot cards is shuffled and mixed by the person who is about to receive a reading. reading. Although this person fears the worst, I see the tarot card----

Dealing Routine

Martin Chapender performed an effect in which Twelve court cards in a glass changed places with twelve ordinary cards held in the hand . My friend, James Wakefield, in his book, Practical Conjuring, (Derby 1911), explained the method used by Martin Chapender, in which only one change takes place.

Bekond Erdnase

It is perhaps worth noting that the earliest playing cards did not all have their numbers in the index corners, as do modern cards. Only the Court cards included an index corner. For that reason, when the cards were tossed in a spread on the table, the cards that would be most prominent would naturally be Court cards.


Incubus approaches from the shadows carrying a packet of Tarot cards. He selects a member of the group and asks if they would like to learn an important lesson in life. Upon being given a positive response, Incubus hands the packet to the spectator and speaks, If you would, please look through these symbols and remove one that applies to your life. Please do not look for one that you would wish to apply in the future, but one that makes sense to you as of today. When you have found an appropriate symbol, please hold onto it and give the remaining symbols back to me. Looking through the symbols, the spectator removes one and then he returns the remainder of the packet. Incubus states that his selection is special in the fact that it symbolizes the position of the spectator in the Universe, a place where confusion is the norm. As he speaks, he takes the remaining Tarot cards and he begins to mix them haphazardly, some facing up, others facing down. After mixing the entire packet, he...

Principal phases

If the client is suspicious or sceptical, I tend to play down the belief system (since this can only invite confrontation) and talk about the reading in more down-to-earth and rational terms. For example, I might suggest that readings are akin to the exploration of psychological trends and archetypes, or that they constitute a form of intuitive counselling and advice in which the props (tarot cards, astrological data etc.) are just a means to an end. It is really just a case of saying whatever I feel might disarm, or diminish, the client's sceptical stance.

Born to be Wild

N A iau fhe Dack with the faces towards you, saying that you will require some black spot LTmTyt realty remove are three spot cards and four court cards. The order of these seven cards from face to back is spot, court, spot, spot, court, court, court. 4 With the double, tap card no. 1 then flip it over to show that it has changed into a court card. Tap card no. 5 to show it has also changed. Pick up card no. 4 and place it face-up under the wild card (illustration 5). Pick up the two court cards 1 and 5 and hold them in a fan. Using the two court cards as pincers remove the face-up spot card at the same time executing the Edward Victor Change (illustration 6). This is a really stunning change. Place the fan of three court cards on the table.

Chinese Astrology

The Tarot It is supposed to be possible to tell the future using a normal 52 playing card pack, but bluffers will carry a pack of their favourite Tarot cards. In many ways Tarot is ideal for bluffing. It is by far the best known method of cartomancy, which gives others confidence and (thanks to countless Hammer Horror films) it carries an air of danger and mystery. Yet Tarot is seldom used for fortune telling other than by professionals. Experienced bluffers will immediately recognise the potential for practising their own special arts with the Tarot pack. Tarot has an impressive history. It was brought out of ancient Egypt by the gypsies and is really a method of encoding the secret wisdom of the Pharaohs in symbolic form. Or, if you prefer, the ancient Tarot evolved in the mists of antiquity in India and portrays a secret path of initiation. Both histories have been popular in their time and are usually swallowed without comment. The facts are that there is no evidence of Tarot...


Some psychics facilitate the cold reading process by using simple tried-and-tested memory systems. I myself have used a mnemonic system which gave me one or two key words for every card in a tarot pack. These key words had nothing to do with the actual meanings the cards are supposed to have. They just provided me with prompts for something to say, ensuring that I never ran out of material for the reading.

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As with the Fine Flattery element, it is not good enough to simply praise the client and hope she likes it. Hey You're psychic too is not the recommended approach. Here is an example of the sort of thing a tarot reader might say This card, the King of Wands, is generally indicative of a perceptive or even a psychic ability of some kind. Of course we all have these gifts, but they do vary from person to person. In your case, it's the second card in the higher triad, which is devoted to your personal profile. This suggests you have very strong and vivid intuitive gifts, and good instincts which will serve you well if you learn to trust them. Since you also have the Eight of Coins in support of the same line, I would say that you have a very fine, almost psychic kind of acumen when it comes to dealing with material goods and financial affairs. You can perceive value in ways that not everyone else can. Just in case some clarification is required here, the above hypothetical example is...


Your main source of income will probably be mentalism or psychic entertaining, but a great amount of subsequent income can be made from reading the tarot at various venues. Below is a list of unique venues that have earned me a sizeable income over the years. You have enjoyed everything so far and even appreciate his honesty about what he is performing, so you take the leap and offer up 20. With no prior knowledge of you, Doc reveals memories, thoughts, and emotions all with a simple turn of some Tarot cards. Doc even makes some observations about what the future holds, all of them positive.

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