Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

Here's just a few things 'Reading Tarot Cards Revealed' will bring to your life: Learn how to read tarot cards for yourself, friends and even strangers within 60 days. Seek support and guidance when faced with a tough life decision and improve your confidence and security in your chosen path. Find out the truth that you friends, lovers, family and work colleges may be hiding from you (and themselves) Impress your friends and have hours of fun doing readings while at the same time helping those you care about most. Bring love into your life by reading what is store for you and potential future friends and lovers. Make the correct career decisions and enjoy a more secure and prosperous life. Help others with your new expertise and at the same time creating a lucrative career as a professional tarot card reader. Here are just a sample of the things you'll learn inside your copy: The true history and symbolism behind the Tarot Cards that you must understand to have true mastery of the art (Page 8) Illustrated meanings of all of the major cards, including the Magician, the High Priestess, the Lovers, Death, the Devil, the Fool and Justice (Page 13) Meanings of the 4 suits of minor cards, including the suit of Wands, Swords, Cups and Pentacles. Plus additional meanings you wont find anywhere else. More here...

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The writer has done a thorough research even about the obscure and minor details related to the subject area. And also facts weren’t just dumped, but presented in an interesting manner.

This ebook does what it says, and you can read all the claims at his official website. I highly recommend getting this book.

Beginners Tarot Ebook

Contents: History of the Cards. Major Arcana Meanings. Minor Arcana Meanings. Number Value Meanings. Meanings of the Suits and Seasons. Basic Spreads. Bonus Manifesting Spread. More here...

Beginners Tarot Ebook Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: AHONU & Aingeal Rose
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Price: $3.00

The Tarot Cards

It is my belief that the reading of the tarot cards is an intimate affair between two individuals. This is the reason why you should make up the meaning of the tarot cards for yourself. As I stated above, I simply use the major Arcana in The Zodiac Effect. This makes the deciphering of the meanings of the cards so much more personal and easier to remember.

Establishing psychic credentials

One more way to boost credentials is to use good quality props. Tarot cards which are well-made, and beautifully illustrated, carry more conviction than ones resembling free prizes from a cereal packet. I prefer to use 'The Medieval Scapini Tarot' deck produced by U.S. Games Systems Inc., Stamford, Connecticut. The cards are beautiful, captivating and of excellent quality, and I endorse them wholeheartedly.

Directive Demonstration Anchoring

When to use pattern This pattern far and away works the best within the first few minutes of meeting her. It's particularly good for girls who are really into New Age bullshit like astrology, tarot cards, ESP, UFO's and all that other crap. You can use it over the phone, in writing, or of course, as it works best, face to face

Cigrate Paper Thoughts

This trick is a simple reworking of a playing card prediction that I read in an issue of Magick Magazine by Jules Lenier. The effect was called Share of Mind. This is only a minor variation - the handling is cleaner, the use of tarot cards, the presentation of using their present and future, and the dodge of the different colour pens.

TA Waters Mind Myth and Magick

Waters is the author of Mind, Myth, and Magick, a monumental (and wonderful) 800 page book which is required reading for anyone interested in mentalism. On this video T.A. demonstrates and explains 12 routines from the book. The routines use common objects such as envelopes, playing cards, and tarot cards, and all are within the abilities of the average magician.

May 2001 Seven Year Itch

Those with an interest in Bizarre Magick will certainly want to take a look at The Book of Haunted Magick by Rick Maue. Mr. Maue offers 50 items, each accompanied with an intriguing patter plot. Happily, the methods that accomplish these effects are more sophisticated than the average Bizarre Magick fare. A wide variety of props are utilized, although Tarot cards are featured in several effects. (My guess is that Mr. Maue comes to the Bizarre field from a sleight-of-hand background. I don't believe that I've previously encountered a Bizarre Magick book that offers a handling of the Classic Pass False Cut.)

Craft Minor Arcana [Item Creation

You can create minor arcana tarot cards. Prerequisite Tarot mage level lst+. Benefit This feat allows the tarot mage to craft the magic tarot cards needed to cast spells. Each minor arcana card requires 1,000 gp of inks and material to craft and takes at least 8 hours to complete. When the

Craft Major Arcana [Item Creation

You can create major arcana tarot cards. This feat allows the tarot mage to craft the more powerful magical tarot cards. Each major arcana card requires 2,000 gp of inks and material to craft and takes at least 16 hours to complete. When the tarot is completed, the tarot mage must make a Craft (Tarot) (DC 15). If successful, the card now carries the magic necessary for the tarot mage to cast certain spells. If unsuccessful the mage must start over and the time and materials are lost.

Props and Environment

Most psychic readers use some sort of a table. Many use a card table, draped with a heavy cloth. Instead of the standard dining-room or kitchen table, or the cloth-draped card table, invest in a clear, glass topped table. It will offer a number of advantages, whether you read Tarot cards, palms, or receive psychic impressions, sitting with one hand over your eyes. One is simply an empty box in which he keeps his Tarot cards, index cards, and other items he might use in a reading. Fastened inside the lid of the box, although the client can't see them, are a hundred year calendar and a list of social-security numbers (see Chapter 12). At one time, before he committed them to memory, he also used the lid to conceal a list of the Zodiac signs and the dates they represent, and a corresponding list of birthstones.

Reading Bridgepoker Cards

For a short and impromptu reading, have the person mix the cards (you can do it yourself), then deal out three rows of either 3 or 5 cards. The row closest to the person can represent their past, the middle row their present, and the distant row the future. Read the cards according to the above procedures, planting positive seeds. This is not meant to be a substitute for using regular Tarot cards and the more elaborate spreads and meanings which take more work and time.

Why are psychic or cold readings done

The one-on-one reading is a private affair and most often involve a quasi-counseling flavor. The reading may involve the use of s or aids such as a crystal ball, tarot cards, or birth data. The reading be done at a booth or table in a public place such as a restaurant, a shopping mall, a side table at a party, or may be done in the office or home of reader. The time may range from a 5 or 10 minute quick reading to an hour or more. In this type of reading, the information is tailored to the individual being read and is the most likely to involve the use of information or feedback from the client.

Tools Psychic Crutches

That day, he made almost nothing, although everyone around him was kept busy. But, following that experience, the psychic went out and did some shopping. He bought a crystal ball and a pack of Tarot cards. On the other hand, continuing elements of mysticism have long provided a protective mantle of plausibility to the ancient rune and witches stones, the crystal ball, Tarot cards, and I Ching.

Elements about extracting information

In cold reading terms, the actual significance each card is deemed to have is irrelevant. A serious book on interpreting tarot cards may tell you that 'The Tower' signifies change in existing relationships. However, the cold reader can attribute whatever significance she wants to any card, whether or not it accords with conventional tarot lore. All that matters is that it sounds convincing, and that it leads up to that all-important prompt for feedback.

Effect 10 Tarot Reading

You produce a pack of Tarot Cards and invite your volunteer to shuffle them thoroughly. After shuffling them, you take the pack and deal six cards face down on the table, discarding the remainder of the pack. Now all you need to perform some cold reading is a pack of Tarot cards and to memorize the above statements. Get your spectator to shuffle the Tarot deck and then ask them to deal six cards face down on the table. Turn over the cards one by one to perform your reading. No matter what cards turn up, recite the phrases above and try to personalize the phrases as much as you can. You will get far more 'hits' than 'misses'. And think - how many times have you heard a psychic say that the images and names of Tarot cards should not be taken literally in a reading Now you know why

F9inmjpre anb tlje permit of ang

Mode Of course, it's only muscle reading. But the Tarot cards give this test a special flavor of the occult. If you haven't tried muscle reading, see any of the books on the subject Helstromism by Nelson, Contact Mind Reading--Expanded by Fitzkee, ''Entertaining with Contact Mind Reading by Dexter, Step Two of 13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda or Volume 1 uf Psychic Magic by McGili.

In Our Opinion

The two of us have had ongoing conversations for years about how to create perfect readings. While Rex was contributing some outstanding material for the final volume of Wonder Words, we agreed to join forces and focus on this issue of readings. We began exchanging ideas, tools and creative applications. We found new combinations of tools, and unusual practical applications. Soon we were able to make all of these methods simple and easy to use. Little or no memory was involved in many of the methods. No laborious facial or body reading cues. No long lessons on the skills usually required to use such tools as tarot cards or palmistry. No longwinded disclaimers. Methods were realized that could actually help a spectator without giving advice. The ability to do readings without any fear whatsoever clicked into place. Yet with all of these breakthroughs - a startling discovery People who learned and used these tools often felt as if they might really be reading the thoughts of others


Begin your presentation, and bring out the tarot cards, removing Death, together with a handful of the more positive cards. Exactly how many you use is up to you, but I recommend no more than eight cards in total. The tarot cards are passed to another spectator who you position to your right, and they mix the cards, and then deal them one at a time onto your right hand. During all of this, ensure that your head remains turned to the left.

Setting the stage

The client's active co-operation can be further encouraged by establishing a rapport with them. Hobrin (1990) stresses that the primary attribute in a reader is to have a pleasing, charming, disarming personality. Martin (1990) further suggests that by involving the client physically in whatever divination process is being used (such as shuffling the Tarot cards or casting the I Ching) they become participants rather than just observers.

Why It Works

In the reading of the tarot cards I remove and use only the Major Arcana. See the next section for details. These 22 cards are deep with imagery and innuendos. What we do as a reader is look at these cards in what is known as a spread and craft a story through our pumping of the subject, and with what we get from the cards. Since not everyone is the greatest story teller or reader of the cards, I have included a few cold reading phrases for each tarot card and by utilizing the position of that card in the spread you can tell a story that gets astoundingly accurate results. The tarot cards in essence are a tool for vague imagery. Each individual reads the cards in a different way and in this fact lays the secret to why the tarot works. The vague imagery can be crafted to be as specific as you like. Often the sitter will internalize the readings and fit the images and the story you craft about these images into their own life and experiences.


The development of a framework for doing a reading is very important the sequencing of events, the structure, and the expectancies of the audience. If you are doing a series of readings in a group, obviously there must be a variety in the content of each reading. For the beginner or novice, some aids can be very helpful. These aids can be memory devices and routines, Tarot cards, or handwriting samples. If you are doing a quick reading to cover an effect depending upon equivoque, then a 5-minute introduction of how and what you are doing is Your use of aids or props should likewise be considered carefully. A tablet or deck of cards sets a particular mood or climate of expectancy. They can be powerful selling tools if properly used, and a bust if not. Herb had the experience of having a table at a psychic fair and watching people walk by. He was occasionally asked 'What do you do but had no takers. The next outing, he had a deck of Tarot cards on the table and did readings...

E3book R

The first one, The Red Book of Mentalism, contains ten items in 20 pages of the kind we have been accustomed to expect from this prolific author. The Four-sided Triangle is a prediction in which a spectator thinks of a playing card and his thoughts coincide with a card selected by another spectator, and yet another spectator opens a large envelope and removes a Jumbo card which also proves to be of the same suit and value. Parallax is a divination in which duplicates a geometric design, a letter, and a number written by three different spectators. Disposable Color is a psychological force with an 'out' if it fails. Writers Cramp is a really natural and unsuspected way of switching billets. Happy Horoscoper is for those who like to include an astrological reading wherein Happy Birthday appears only on the back of a card bearing his birth sign. The five remaining effects include the use of Tarot cards. A 'Stop' effect using design cards which includes instruction for a pocket switch of...


Part of this routine is based on an effect by Fred Zimmerman that appeared in The New Invocation in June 1987. The effect involved Tarot cards and it was called Death is a Lonely Business. His handling involved either a top change, or a bit of wax to create a double card that could be handled more freely during a turn-over. Although both methods work well, I have always found that many performers would rather not do a top change during the climax of an effect. The reason is that the spectators are really burning your hands at that crucial moment, which can make the top change difficult to pull off. In regard to the wax, you do not end clean which means that everything cannot be left upon the table for all to see at the end.

Social Security

I have a list of numbers and states glued onto the face of one of my tarot cards. During a reading it is quite easy to peek at the card. I have found that I get a stronger response by not naming the state but rather by using it's nickname. In obtaining the social security number, I simply ask for the first three numbers to be used in a formula in giving lucky lottery numbers. Obviously you do not mention the state ten seconds after obtaining the numbers. Wait five or ten minutes. The way that I would use the information is to say I feel that you have some unfinished business or unresolved issues in_.

Offering Sugar lumps

I had my doubts at the time, and I still have them today. I am lucky enough to have plenty of warmth and love in my life, and I do not get it from highly irrational women wearing tacky pendants and too much make-up. As for my goals in life, I felt relatively safe ignoring long-term career advice from someone whose professional skill base consisted of warbling superstitious drivel while peering at some tatty tarot cards.

Gl Huttar jfatmg

Mode This pretty routine is Harry Lorayne's, so I won't go into much detail on it. You can look up the original routine in Harry's fine book, Close-up Card Magic, '' page 44. It's called Coincidently Yours. But the routine looks so nice with Tarot cards and some occult patter, I had to draw it to your attention.


If the open-ended, freewheeling tarot mage does not fit within the campaign, or if the GM decides that it is too complicated to use and control, the tarot cards can also be tied to the traditional spells of wizards and sorcerers. Using this system, the minor arcana become very important. Each suit of the tarot deck corresponds to two of the arcane schools. In order to cast a spell, the tarot mage must have the appropriate combination of cards. Except for cantrips, spells need at least two cards the first corresponds to the level of the arcane school and the second corresponds to the particular effect. For example, in order to cast magic missile, the tarot mage must have the Two of Swords and the Page of Swords. The Two of Swords allows the mage to cast a first level Evocation spell and the Page of Swords defines the evocation as magic missile. Tarot mages and other artists have found that the special inks synthesized by the alchemists radiate beautiful colors and seem to give off a...

Simply Tarot

A stack of ten Tarot Cards are shown and the history of the cards briefly discussed. A prediction is shown in a wallet. The participant is asked to name aloud any number between one and ten. The numerological significance of the number is discussed, and then the participant is asked to deal off that number of cards onto the table. The card they deal down to matches the prediction in the wallet, which is, of course, a joyous card that predicts much happiness in the near future


Finally, I ask to some other person to collect all the four Tarot cards and to shuffle them together. Then I turn facing my participants again and ask for the shuffled cards to be given to me. With the cards in my hands, because of the way they were stacked originally, I immediately know which card belongs to which participant.

Psychic baiting

Agree, encourage more development, and refer to the alleged mode of the psychic divination. For tarot cards, the reader is supposed to be divining information by looking at the cards. So you say something like Step 4. Praise the accuracy of the psychic method in use, be it tarot cards or astrology or whatever. Encourage the psychic to chime in with self-satisfied words confirming the dependability of her psychic modus operandi

Seal Coating

The basic premise is that you have 4-5 spectators select tarot cards. A completely free selection Each spectator then seals their tarot card inside of an envelope. The envelopes are passed around the spectators and thoroughly mixed. You collect the individual envelopes. You begin to open the envelopes and reveal which spectator chose which tarot card and why. From here it's an easy bit of reading each subject. Let's say you open envelope number two, and subsequently you know that it belongs to the second volunteer, try and find a correlation between that spectator and the tarot cards unique imagery.


Incubus approaches from the shadows carrying a packet of Tarot cards. He selects a member of the group and asks if they would like to learn an important lesson in life. Upon being given a positive response, Incubus hands the packet to the spectator and speaks, If you would, please look through these symbols and remove one that applies to your life. Please do not look for one that you would wish to apply in the future, but one that makes sense to you as of today. When you have found an appropriate symbol, please hold onto it and give the remaining symbols back to me. Looking through the symbols, the spectator removes one and then he returns the remainder of the packet. Incubus states that his selection is special in the fact that it symbolizes the position of the spectator in the Universe, a place where confusion is the norm. As he speaks, he takes the remaining Tarot cards and he begins to mix them haphazardly, some facing up, others facing down. After mixing the entire packet, he...

Principal phases

If the client is suspicious or sceptical, I tend to play down the belief system (since this can only invite confrontation) and talk about the reading in more down-to-earth and rational terms. For example, I might suggest that readings are akin to the exploration of psychological trends and archetypes, or that they constitute a form of intuitive counselling and advice in which the props (tarot cards, astrological data etc.) are just a means to an end. It is really just a case of saying whatever I feel might disarm, or diminish, the client's sceptical stance.


On another occasion, I was invited by Paramount Television to be a guest on the 'Leeza Gibbons' show in Los Angeles. They too wanted a cold reading demonstration, but the set up was a little different. They arranged things so that before the show I met four women from the studio audience for five minutes each. This time I posed as a clairvoyant - no tarot cards, no astrology chart, just me and my 'psychic vibrations'.

The Zodiac Effect

The Zodiac Effect is a legit system of divination using tarot cards. It tries to fill in the gaps of other cold reading books that leave you with a lot of memorization and non-sense. Sure they say it's easy to read minds with stock phrases, but who has the months of necessary study time for memorization I have quested for years to find a system of reading tarot cards that would fit me. It had to be versatile, fast, and effective I am by no means a shut eye psychic, nor am I the skeptic who bashes the beliefs of others. I have seen how powerful of a tool this system of tarot reading is. The results are astounding, and I have even questioned where reality begins and ends. Perhaps I am buying into my own publicity, but when you start performing The Zodiac Effect, I am sure you will be truly impressed by the accuracy the system will get you as well. Since I am a mentalist, I can not deny the power of cold reading, so I have included a list of stock cold readings for each card in the Major...

Wonder Tools

Are you aware that there are schools of thought that frown on any and all readings done with tarot cards Of course you are, you say. Many Christians have a strong disdain for this, you know for a fact. But that would be the obvious and ill-informed response. The truth is, there are many students of tarot itself that would never consider using this tool for readings. They consider the tarot to be a book of symbolic wisdom that taps into the subconscious mind to create inner changes. If you don't know such things, then how can you be an expert in tarot readings And this is just one little example.

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