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This is the original version of membrane which I cooked up with Eric for use at the Tower Bar. In the right situation, this can be a more organic moment.

E-fFELCT - A stranger's initials scrawled on a torn matchcover are slid under the cellophane of a pack of smokes. Someone blows out a match...and as the smoke drifts over the pack, the stranger's initials creep off the match cover and re-attach themselves to the underside of the transparent cellophane membrane. No one knows why it happened or what it means. The stranger and the someone exchange initials. You're not sure which one is you. Maybe something can be done. Maybe it's all just smoke.

MLMMINi^ TJ-lL &I2.ANIE. - Secretly write someone's initials on the outside of the cellophane on a pack of cigarettes. Print them neatly near the opening as in FIG. 1. A magic marker works best but a pen will do if you're careful. Now slide a blank torn-off matchbook cover under the cellophane as in FIG. 2. This creates the illusion that the writing is on the paper under the cellophane wrap. Flip the pack writing-side down on the table.

6TE.P ¿?NlE- - Openly tear off the cover of a matchbook. Write the spectator's initials on the cover exactly like the ones on the cellophane then table the pen to your right. Pick up the pack of smokes and hold it in "dealing position" in your right hand so the open edge of the cellophane is toward you (the extra match cover is concealed on the bottom against your palm).

Your right fingers slowly slide the marked cover under the top layer of cellophane so the cover is positioned like the one on the underside (FIG. 3). Notice that a tiny edge of the initialed cover is left sticking out from the cellophane. This allows for its easy removal later.

i>TE-P T\\/i7 - In a moment, you are going to secretly reverse the pack undercover of placing it on the table under the pen. Let's do it once without the reverse so you can see how it feels: The pen should be at least a foot to the right of the pack. Pick up the pen with your left fingers as your right hand moves the pack to the right and puts it on the table on the same spot where the pen was. As soon as the pack hits the table slap the pen down on top of the pack. Wipe your hands against your shirt or do some other natural gesture to show your hands empty. This is your "reason" for putting the pack on the table...to free your hands for a moment. Now reset the scenery and we'll do it with the reverse:

The pack is on your left, the pen is tabled about a foot to the right. While your left hand moves toward the pen, get your right thumb under the pack. As your right hand moves the pack toward the pen, your thumb flips the pack over to the right...so the fake blank cover is now visible on top. (Don't do the flip all at once. Do the reverse gradually as the box covers the distance to the pen as in FIG. 4). Your left arm covers the reverse, so relax.) Table the pack where the pen was as you slap the pen onto the box (FIG. 5). That's it. A completely natural action to show your hands empty. Everything appears normal.

5TE.P TJ-lR-E-E. - Grab the remains of the torn matchcover, the part with the matches still attached, and light a match. Have someone blow out the flame and let the smoke drift around the box. Your right hand picks up the box and rests it flat against your left fingers. Make sure your fingertips are in contact with the edge of the marked cover underneath. Slowly begin to slide the wrapper down and off the pack of cigarettes. Your left thumb keeps the blank cover on the box (FIG. 6), the other cover is kept in place by pressure from underneath (FIG. 7). Take your time as you visibly slide the inked initials off the paper and onto the clear cellophane.

6TE.P fO\M. - Once the clear wrapper is off, toss it to the table. Then allow the blank cover to slide off the box and land next to the marked cellophane.

6TE-P H\/E. - As your right hand takes the box and tables it to the right, allow your left fingers to curl naturally around the hidden match cover. Table the box to the right. Pick up the pen with your left hand and pocket it along with the marked evidence.

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