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Pick up a piece of sealed junk mail, the kind with a cellophane window. Look it over. Nothing can get in...nothing can get out, unless you rip it open. This is not good or bad. It's just the nature of sealed junk mail. Now grab a business card. You're about to alter the laws of nature... by sneaking through the window.

ELFFE-CT - The hostess asks if you'd mind "doing something?" You send her out to gather all her unopened mail . She bring letters, bills, junk mail, postcards etc. and dumps it on the coffee table.

You select three pieces of sealed junk mail and pass them to the company for inspection. The rest is put aside. And then everyone signs your business card in preparation for a little game.

You openly slide the signed business card between the three envelopes then carefully arrange them on the table so the card stays hidden. "Which one is the card hiding under?" Someone notices the edge of the card peeking slightly out so it's an easy call. The guests are a little disappointed. They had hoped to see something astonishing.

You try again...carefully arranging the three envelopes so the signed card stays concealed. A guest points to an envelope, picks it up. There's no card. She picks one of the remaining two envelopes, again no card. She picks up the third envelope and it isn't there either. The card's not on the table, not in your hands or on your lap or on the floor. The signed card has vanished. Pretty neat. The guests are happy. They experienced a minor moment of astonishment.

You then have one of the guests select one of the three envelopes. You ask the hostess to check and see that it's sealed. She knows it is, but checks anyway. She tears it open and inside is the signed business card.

JJ<?U5L \Vt?IZI<C - All you need is twenty seconds alone with a piece of borrowed mail that contains a cellophane window.

Take a knife or sharp-edged business card and press it carefully up between the edge of the clear window and the envelope (FIG. 1).

Use the edge of the card or knife to unglue/slice the whole top edge of the cellophane the point where the cellophane sticks to the INSIDE of the envelope. This leaves you with an EXAMINABLE sealed envelope that has an invisible trap door at the top of the "solid" cellophane window. Go back to your hostess and try to look innocent.

W/lNP^\V TE-5T - Slide your business card into the slit and into the envelope to make sure that the portion of the envelope above the slit is large enough to conceal the card. Remove the business card and put your window of opportunity back with the other mail.

¿TLP ¿?lst - If the situation calls for it (never force these things) have all the available mail brought to you. If you have to use open mail as well as your prepared envelope, so be it. But try to get three unopened pieces.

6TC-P ~[\s/0 - Pull out three envelopes and pass them around. Make sure your gaff is one of them. Put the rest of the mail aside. Get out a business card and have everyone sign it.

5TE-P TJ-lB-E-EL - Take the envelopes back in a stack and hold them in your right hand. Pick up the signed card with your left hand and openly slip it between the bottom two envelopes. Mix them a little, keeping the card hidden in the pile. Place the envelopes in a row on the table, the hidden card going under any one envelope, but arrange to innocently have the card sticking out just a hair as in FIG. 2. They guess. They're right. You're deeply depressed.

5TELP F#UiZ - Rearrange the envelopes so the gaffed envelope is on the bottom, with the window up and the slit to the left.

6TE-P HN/L - Slide the signed card between the bottom two envelopes and directly into the slit. Take your time, and do it right. You can look right at the window and slide in the card. To the audience, you're just trying to make sure the card is well-hidden.

óTE-P 6IX - Awkwardly mix the envelopes around a little, pretending to be extra careful "not to expose the card" and deal them in a row. Openly take a quick peek under two of the envelopes "just to be sure." Each time someone guesses an envelope let her pick it up. Three misses and the card has cleanly vanished. Be still and give the moment its space. This is a complete effect in itself.

You're not quite sure what happened to the card, but you have an idea.

óTE-P ¿LVE-IsI - Have the mail put back in a row. You will now use the "Magician's Force" (equivoque) to force the loaded envelope. Those of you who are confident with this can skip over to Step Eight.

Ask the spectator to place her left hand on any envelope. If she puts it on the loaded one calmly pick up the other two and put them aside, with the rest of the mail. You're done.

If her hand lands on one of the other envelopes simply continue your sentence as if you always meant to say "...and put your right hand on another." Her right hand is either on or not on the loaded envelope. So...

If her right hand is not on the loaded envelope you again continue your sentence as if this was always the plan, "...and put those two aside." Point to the other mail. She is left with the loaded envelope. You're done.

If her right hand did land on the gaff, say "Stay right there." and toss the remaining envelope with the rest of the mail. Look her right in the eye and say "Pick up those two..." (Wait till she does) "...and hand either one to me."

If she hands you the loaded envelope you say "You could have handed me that one, couldn't you? But you gave me THIS one." As you say this, gesture for her to put down the one she holds. Just point at it as you say "that one" and then over to the mail that has been put aside. She'll put it away without you saying a word about it. You're done.

If she keeps the loaded envelope just take the one she hands you and toss it with the rest of the mail saying, "You could have kept either envelope, but you kept THAT one." You're done.

¿TE-P ELI^J-lT - Have your hostess check out the envelope to make sure it's completely sealed. (It doesn't occur to people to probe the window for a trap door.) Direct her to open her sealed piece of personal junk mail, window-side down. (Window-side down just in case the business card decides to make a surprise appearance inside the window. ) She rips it open and discovers that nestled next to a 20% off on a lube job coupon is the personally signed business card. You've unleashed a moment of deep astonishment. This is a good thing. If she offers you the coupon then everyone goes home a winner.

• To be extra safe, tear open the envelope yourself. This avoids the small risk of a spectator accidently poking out the window.

• You can simplify the handling by one-third by just using two envelopes.

• If you want to use your own empty sealed window-envelope - After you load the business card you can tap the envelope so the card slides to the other end. When you are ready to reveal the business card inside the envelope, you can tap the envelope so the card pops into view behind the cellophane window. With this approach you must take care that the business card is not visible through the walls of the envelope.

• WorkShopped with ERIC MEAD...who contributed the brilliant boldness of openly loading the card during the guessing game.

This piece was born in an attempt to move "The Dehydrated Deck" principle away from the cards, out from under the table and directly into your spectator's face.

E-FFELCT - While standing around just about anywhere, you pull a folded-up wad of Hershey bar-like paper from your wallet. It's slowly unfolded and turns out to be an empty Hershey wrapper. You give a quick blow into the wrapper to inflate it into a genuine chocolate bar. Suddenly, everyone wants to be your pal.

CL<7.6E.T W/0R.kl - You need two bars of Hershey's Chocolate. (Hershey's works best because they're flat.) Take the outer brown wrapper off one bar, crush it up, open up the wrinkled wrapper and slip it back on the bar. This will later masquerade as the empty wrapper.

Slide the outer brown wrapper off of the other bar. Carefully unfold the inner-foil wrapper and remove the chocolate. Eat the chocolate.

Re-fold the foil as if it contained the chocolate. Slide it back into the outer wrapper just like it came, and fold the whole thing into a small packet. Stick this packet into your wallet, and slide your wallet into your right rear pocket.

Put the real bar (in wrinkled wrapper) in your left rear pocket. Timing counts here. The chocolate will be OK for a few minutes unless you have an abnormally high buttock temperature.

5TE.P ¿?NE. - During a moment of low attention, put both hands behind your back. Pull the chocolate bar from your left pocket, and your wallet from your right. Still behind your back, open your wallet, and rest it over the chocolate bar on your left hand. It must be completely hidden.

■5TE.P ~[\JO - Bring the open wallet out with your left hand. If you tip it down slightly, the hidden candy bar won't be seen (FIG. 1).

Your right hand reaches in, and removes the folded wrapper. Now is the time to gently guide their attention to what you are doing.

5TE-P TJ-lRILE. - Slowly unfold the wrapper on top of your open wallet. Pick up the flattened out wrapper with your right hand, and hold it so it's oriented the same as the hidden bar under the wallet (FIG 2). The letters on the wrapper must face the same direction for the switch to be deceptive.

6TE-P fO\M. - Look directly at someone and ask "Do you like chocolate?" At this moment of misdirection your right fingers put the empty wrapper under your wallet as they take the wallet from the left hand. In a continuing action, your left hand brings the real candy bar out from under the wallet to the left (FIG. 3). Done correctly this is a very casual and deceptive switch. (Note - it feels just like the packet switch from "A Subtle Poker Move.")

ÓTE.P H^/E- ~ Without breaking eye contact, put your wallet with its hidden wrapper behind your back...where you close your wallet, and stuff it into your pocket.

5TELP 6IX - Bring the wrinkled bar up near your mouth, and pretend to inflate it. Don't get carried away here, just a couple of short puffs.

6TE.P ÓE.N/ELÑ - Slide the foil-wrapped bar from the brown wrapper, unwrap the chocolate so everyone can smell it. Make them beg and grovel for a chance to examine it with their face.

Delete the wallet and switch sequence. Produce the chocolate directly from your back pocket and hand it out for a taste test.

- Producing the full-size Hershey bar creates a maximum-load spectacle but takes a bit of finesse because of its size and tendency to break or melt while waiting in your pocket. I happen to be a sucker for Hershey bars so my extra efforts are always rewarded. For an easier but not quite as emotionally satisfying handling, you can do this with a smaller, denser slab of delight like a Kit-Kat bar or a chocolate-coated toffee or a Nougats-r-us. If you have a really big wallet you could try for a pop-tart but then you'd have to produce a toaster and it starts to lose that impromptu feel.

C.rFE.CT - For reasons unknown you remove a secret packet of cards from your wallet and secure them under the card case. You then get a seeker to dig deep into her soul and come up with a personal, meaningful magic word. Let's say her magic word is "ROSE." You use "ROSE" to help you locate a selected card, then reveal that the name of the card is also written on the card case. You're a mighty fine card guesser. But what about the secret packet? You SLOWLY, CLEANLY AND OPENLY spread the packet to display large bold letters inked onto the back of the cards...spelling out a single word: ROSE.

So now what? What do you say? Into what context can you put this moment of astonishment that would make this a meaningful positive experience. Hrmmmm. Depends upon her personal associations with her power word, her perception of your intent, where you've positioned her mind and how deep you want to take her.

TJJE- ANYTJJiNc; Ti-lE-^E-Y - The deck is a disguised collection of "moveable type" which you can arrange into just about ANY word under cover of a simple card location. Then it's just a matter of traffic control to get the word cards under the case.

AE.T6 ANlP CR.AFT6 POKJ\Ot\ - It'll take about 20 minutes to make up your "Anything Deck." You'll need a deck of cards containing all 54 cards, a fresh magic marker and four extra cards from a matching deck.

Open up your 54-card deck and shuffle it. Put three cards aside for now. The rest of the cards go face down in front of you. Carefully write the letter A about an inch tall and half of an inch wide on the LEFT side of the top facedown card. The exact size and position is shown in FIG. 1. (For the best contrast use a red deck and a thick black marker, or use one of the fancy two-tone markers that outline in silver or gold.)

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