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uy's creation allows you to unleash three O potent moments for the price of a simple force. It's a non-litigious version of Voodoo spell casting, using an innocent card as the Voodoo subject and an innocent spectator as the Voodoo High Priestess...or she can just hang out and be a spectator.

She tentatively turns her selected card face up where it reveals itself as the Two of Hearts. You comment that the very act of turning over the red Two may in itself have a Voodoo effect on a close relative. You cleanly fan your facedown deck to reveal the Two of Diamonds has turned face up.

You square the deck...then comment that Voodoo is often used to inflict damage. A spectator suggests an entertaining torture-by-tear-ing. So one of the Two's index corners is torn off. You fan the face-down deck to reveal the face-up Two of Diamonds is now missing the same corner!

You remove this Voodoo'd Two from the deck and place it under your spectator's hand because what could be safer than that.

A lighter is noticed and someone mentions that a public burning might be appropriate. The chosen Two of Hearts is toasted over the flame until it's back is thoroughly crisped and blackened. The spectator examines the other Two protected under her hand and discovers that it too has been crisped and blackened!

Someone shuffles the deck and suddenly you feel all mixed up. You suspect that your internal organs have been rearranged. Maybe you shouldn't be messing with this stuff.

&AOC5T0R.Y - Guy felt that Steranko's original Voodoo Card (Steranko on Cards) was a nifty plot but that it rather lacked the courage of it's own convictions - it drifts off into a domestic Triumph thing. So Guy turned up the heat, then showed it to Bob Stencel, who up-leveled the game by letting a spectator "choose" the specific abuse.

P(2.E.-VOO - Remove any card-like object such as the Two of Diamonds from the deck and gently tear off one of its index corners. Then use a lighter to scorch the card's back. (You'll get better contrast with a red-backed card.) Take care that the scorch doesn't show through on the face of the card...and that you flatten any heat-induced warps.

Place the pre-Voo card face up on the bottom of a face-down deck so the torn corner is on the outer left end. Place the card's unmarked mate (in this case the Two of Diamonds) face down on the bottom so it conceals the pre-abused card. Check out "Free Ride" (see Index) if you have a need to start clean.


-STE.P ONlE. - Spread the deck between your hands (without flashing the Voodoo) to show normal cards. Comment that for this experiment it is essential that your spectator not touch a card until the correct Voodoo moment. This sets up the correct riffle-force state of mind for the selection:

Give the deck a casual cut (no break) to center the gaffed cards. Hold the face-down deck in your left hand as your left thumb riffles down the deck's left edge. Ask someone to say stop, while allowing your left thumb to stop at the torn corner. This works just like a corner-short. Your thumb will know when to stop. Time the riffle with the movement of your spectator's lips so that you can make a reasonable argument that you stopped as directed. Note that the outer end of the deck tilts down to hide the torn corner.

¿TE.P T\N/<? - Your right fingers cut off the cards above the stopped-at selection (torn card is now on the face of the right-hand cards) as your left thumb deals the face-down Two of Hearts off the top of its half and onto the table. Replace the right-hand half square on top of the other half and turn the outer end of the deck toward your right fingers.

Your right fingers grip this offered end from above by its sides (FIG. 1) and table the deck to your right so the gripped end is now at the inner end of the deck. This natural handling reverses the ends to position the torn corner toward you.

Explain the long-distance laws of Voodoo. Have your spectator turn her card face up, then pick up the face-down deck and fan it to reveal the face-up Two of Diamonds. (Its torn corner should by concealed by the fan at the inner right.) Close the fan from left to right (FIG. 2) which secretly puts the torn corner at the outer end of the deck and table the cards.

6TE.P TtlE.E.E- - Ask your audience to suggest a creative way to abuse the card. Generally the only thing they say is "burn it" or "tear it," which is exactly what you want them to say. If someone says "fold it" comment that in Voodoo, folding is not considered a vicious enough abuse. There are many tribal cultures that still consider self-folding a therapeutic activity.

Anyway, out of the spectator's various suggestions, select "tearing" as a good warm-up curse. Tear off one of the index corners then fan the face-down deck to reveal the face-up card has now suffered the same fate (FIG. 3).

¿TE-P fOWd. - Your right fingers remove the face-up card from the deck. Your left fingers, after tabling the deck, hold the selected card in the same orientation. Place the right-hand card onto the face of the left-hand card (face up and spread) to free your right hand, which directs the spectator to hold out her hand. Casually flash the backs of the two cards (scorched portion still concealed - FIG. 4) as your left thumb deals the scorched face card onto the table, where you again flash the back of the remaining card. This Flushtration-esque procedure leaves the subliminal impression of two normal backs.

Your spectator covers the tabled card with one hand as she uses her other hand to hold the lighter and scorches the back of the card held by you. (Have an ash tray or a copy of your fire insurance nearby.) Comment that you noticed a wisp of smoke curling up from under her other hand and she'll eventually muster up the courage to take a peek.

C^UY NOTE-5 - Professional astonishers may want to prepare multiple sets of cards which can be kept in your pocket or wallet and later added to the bottom of the deck, making it convenient to repeat "Voodoo" thoughout the evening and early into the next day.

• The entire strength of the effect depends upon the audience's perception that there really was a free selection. Once believed, the simplicity of the method is not suspected. If you're not comfortable with a timed riffle-force you can substitute any force that leaves you in position, even a cross-cut force will do.

pjJOOTNotes -

• If someone suggests that you fold the card, actually fold an index corner, then "to make it more interesting" tear it off at the crease.

• If someone suggests that you mark the card say, "Good idea, let's mark it by tearing off a corner."

• Leave the lighter or matches in sight to help prompt the spectators into coming up with the idea of burning the card.

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