You're interviewing for office help - looking for the perfect combination of intelligence, personal hygiene, and hero worship.

Company policy requires you to tell each serious candidate why you didn't hire him or her. So far it's been easy. One person gave you a resume on the back of a dot-to-dot coloring book. Reason for not hiring: Connected the wrong dots.

Next, a tattooed lady wearing a live python around her neck. Reason for not hiring: Python only typed thirty words a minute.

Next, Skippy, the boss's nephew. He's still learning how to spell MBA. Not only is he driving with one wheel in the sand, but he looks a lot like your cousin Floyd - the same cousin Floyd that conned you into eating a worm when you were eight years old by telling you it was organic sushi. You don't want to hire this guy. The boss doesn't want you to hire him either. But the boss promised his sister that he'd give the little goof a fair shot.

Your creativity is stretched to the max as you search for an honorable excuse to skip Skippy.

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