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LffLCJ - This is a little too weird to describe in detail, but basically a selected card simultaneously penetrates a Hundred-dollar bill as it sort of rises out of the pack.

Allan DeGeddes of Las Vegas will receive a complimentary set of matching Tupperware card cases for being this routine's inspirational source.

PREPARATION - Erase the zeroes off your Hundred-dollar bill to discourage theft.

6TE-P ONE. - Hold the deck face down in left-hand dealing position. Direct a spectator to insert a bill into the deck as your left thumb riffles down the comer. Use your right fingers to adjust the inserted bill so that it is centered in the deck (FIG. 1).

Cut off all of the cards above the bill by grasping the packet from above by its ends with your right fingers. Your left thumb keeps the bill in position on top of the left-hand packet (FIG. 2).

Display the card at the face of the right-hand packet, then return the packet to a facedown position.

5TE-P TWO - Secretly swivel the face card of the right-hand packet to the right with your right second finger so the inner left corner of the selected card rests against the joint of the thumb (FIG. 3).

Apparently remove the selected card from the right-hand packet's face between the first and second fingers of your left hand while actually taking the exposed card above it (FIG. 4).

Drop the card face down onto the table.

5TE.P TtlE-C-C. - Place the bill onto the front end of the right-hand packet (FIG. 5).

The curled right forefinger keeps the bill in place. As your left hand moves under the right-hand packet, the left side of the bill brushes against the back of the left fingertips (FIG. 6), causing the bill to fold around the face of the right-hand packet (FIG. 7).

In a continuing action the left-hand packet is placed directly under the right-hand packet (FIG. 8).

From this position the swiveled card at the face of the right-hand packet and the folded bill are retained on top of the left-hand packet with the left fingers and thumb as the right-hand packet is moved away to the right (FIG.

Sandwich the folded bill between the deck by placing the right-hand packet square onto the left-hand packet (FIG. 10).

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