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6TE.P ¿?NL - Make sure that the first three cards at the pack's face alternate colors (red, black, red or black, red, black). Whatever color card is second from the face will be the up-jogged color. Let's say the first three cards at the face of your pack are black, red, black. Hold the deck face up in your left hand and push the first three cards to the right so that the sandwiched red card is casually concealed. Continue by openly up-jogging all of the other red cards (FIG. 1). This should leave you with one red card secretly positioned second from the face of the black cards.

6TE.P T\\/<? - Cut the extended deck into two halves. This does not mean "strip-out the jogged cards. "It means that the right hand separates the upper half of the extended deck from the left-hand portion's lowgr or "back" half (FIG. 2). As the left-hand section is tabled face up, the right hand tilts the backs of its cards up toward the audience. Transfer the extended right-hand packet to the left hand. Use your right thumb to secretly slide the black card at the packet's face square with the up-jogged red cards under cover of the right fingers swiveling out the up-jogged cards (FIGS. 3, 4). This action will leave you with the black packet in the left hand with a red card at its face—and the red packet in your right hand— with a black card at its face.

Place these two disguised packets face up onto the table to the right of the extended half. Openly disengage the genuine up-jogged red cards from the black cards and position these two packets to the left of the other two packets in red, black, red, black order from left to right (FIG. 5).

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