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Well, it's not all that astonishing but it is fun - a lot more fun than eating your peas.

Burbling a pea is the human equivalent of floating a Ping-Pong ball on a jet of air above a vacuum cleaner nozzle. Years of R & D by top jet-propulsion labs combined forces with pea-growing specialists to bring this space-age feat to the dinner table.

Pick out the roundest, smoothest pea you can find. Try to avoid a side trip into the mashed potatoes. Then tilt your head straight back - so you're looking up at the ceiling -and perch the pea on your pursed lips. Keep your head still and don't laugh. If you laugh the pea will fly off, or worse, it'll fall into your mouth and you'll have to eat it.

Take a deep breath through your nose, and ever so gently blow a thin stream of air up through your lips. Experiment with lip positions and air speed until the pea floats above your lips and stays suspended in thin air. At this point you can have an assistant pass a small hoop around the floating pea to prove there are no threads or wires attached. When you're out of breath let the pea gently waft down to your lips, pluck it off, and give the pea to the dog. Teach everyone else at the table to burble a pea; see if you can all get three peas burbled at once.

You're at your client's house for dinner and his nine-year-old refuses to eat his peas. The client has to exercise his parental power and insist the kid eat his peas. The kid has to be true to his tastebuds and spits a pea in Dad's face. Dad says, "Eat your peas or no MTV." The kid threatens Dad with a fistful of mashed potatoes. You sense your relaxed deal-making ambiance is about to be compromised.

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