Tlc tac

5TE.P ¿?NlE_ - Bring out the Tic Tacs with the concealed dime toward you. Carefully shake out a mint and pop it in your mouth and offer one to your magic buddy.

5TE.P T0 - Lay the box down on your left fingers with the dime facing up. Keep this hidden with your thumb for now. The top of the box is away from you. You want to be careful that you don't jar the Tic Tacs and move the dime out of position.

6TE.P Ti-lE-E-E. - Reach into your pocket with your right hand and remove some change. Show the change in your hand as you openly separate a dime from the rest with your thumb and fingers.

5TE.P F<?UR. - Pretend to pick up the dime with your right thumb and forefinger by gliding your thumb over the top of the dime, secretly leaving the dime behind with the rest of the change which stays in your curled right fingers.

Pretend to press the dime down onto the box (FIG. 2) where your left thumb moves away to expose the boxed dime . When you do this non-move in a casual manner your about-to-be -astonished friend will have no choice but to assume that the dime is resting on the outside of the box. Put the change back into your pocket.

5TE-P FIVE. - Openly press the tip of your right index finger onto the boxed dime, but leave a good chunk of the dime exposed. Rock the box back and forth with your right index finger while keeping your left hand still. Two or three rocking motions will cause the Tic Tacs to shift a little and spread out, taking pressure off the dime pressed up against the plastic...where the dime will seem to visibly melt through the plastic and drop onto the mints inside (FIG. 3A, 3B). Freeze your pose. This is the moment.

6TE.P 6IX - Quietly swallow your Tic Tac if you haven't done so already.

- We used to do this with a paddle move to show both sides of the "dime-less" box, and some under-the-box coin moves and turn-overs to switch the loose dime for the boxed dime. We gradually simplified the handling to the point where all you really have to do is suck on a Tic Tac. The setup is so innocent that people accept everything as is.

• The real star of this show is Eric's idea of the shifting mints which create the visible drop of the dime.


LffLCJ - The Astonishment Guide plucks a single leaf from a living plant. The leaf is marked on one side with the initials of a witness. This marked leaf is slowly and deliberately restored onto the plant—where it remains as a living tribute to sustained astonishment.

\\AJlN \\0 ¿?NL'5 L^I^INk; - Find a suitable leafy plant. Choose a prominent leaf that's nearer the end of a branch and of a size that could be easily palmed. (Despite its misleading name, a palm tree will not work.) Mark a spectator's initials on the underside. Remember what the initials look like so you can duplicate them later. It's also critical that you know which leaf you marked without checking.

6TLP - When the time is right, ask your hostess' permission to pluck one leaf from her plant in order to show something wonderful. Pull off a leaf that closely resembles the one you marked. Don't pull the marked one.

6TLP T\V(7 - Take out the marker and write the identical initials on the underside of the plucked leaf. Don't make a thing out of it, just say to the spectator "Let's mark my initials...better yet, let's put your initials on the leaf." Just do it, then hand her the leaf to look at. It's important she handles the leaf while it's separate.

6TE-P TJ-I12.E-E- - As the astonishee is briefly occupied with the loose leaf, secretly clip the attached marked leaf between your left index and middle finger as in FIG. 1. Now bend the whole branch up and back gently, so the underside of the leaves are in view (FIG. 2). The marked leaf is completely hidden behind your left fingers. This "leaf clip" is easily done under cover of grabbing the branch.

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