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Intergalactic puzzle expert and all-around genius, Harry Eng. showed me the ancient Chinese secret of how to make "The Cube." I came up with the clever title...and the trick.

E-FfELCT - An organic cube constructed from six bent playing cards is displayed. It's too small to use as a piece of furniture, too big to use as a key chain - but just the right size for a curious card trick.

All four Fours are removed from the deck, fanned out, and rubbed against the mystic cube. All the Fours are clearly seen. Suddenly one Four vanishes. A spectator examines the cube and discovers that the missing Four is now one of the six bent cards which form the cube.

6TE.P ONE. - Bend the ends of six cards above the small pips as in FIG. 1. Note that there is only one Four amongst the batch and that card is bent differently from the other cards.

A. The Fours' ends are bent backwards - in the opposite direction of the other cards. This will enable you to make a cube of five facedown cards, and one face-up Four.

B. One bent end of the Four is fat - the other bent end is skinny - so just the "white" shows.

5TE.P T\JO - Unbend the skinny end of the Four. It will be re-bent later.

6TE.P "N-IR.E.E. - Fit three cards (not the Four) together in your left hand as in FIG. 2. The true Zen-like secret to making the cube is that the bent ends always go on the outside.

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