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Available for about a dollar at most Swing Thing outlets or $14.95 at your local magic dealer.

This revolutionary "Change Bag in a bill" is designed to invisibly exchange small objects with a single swing of the flap. There are probably thousands of incredible effects that this versatile utility device could be used for. Unfortunately, I can't think of one worth doing. So that's it. Oh well. Sorry.

Eric - "What about an easy version of Slydini's shredded cigarette using a sugar packet?"

C.FPE.CT - You tear open a blue packet of Equal sugar substitute and pour its granules onto a folded bill. You slowly rub the empty packet on the pile of sweetener...which is suddenly absorbed back into the packet...which seals itself good as new! Dieters around the world will rejoice. Slydini's probably not too thrilled.

frE-F^R-E. YOU PUZfO&M - This can be done with any sugar packet (read the notes at the end of this description) but a packet of Equal makes it fun. Go to a restaurant or coffee shop. Order something healthy...and when no one's looking:

Hold a dollar face down and fold it to look like FIG. 1.

fold the center flap to cover it (FIG. 2). You now have a bill that seems to be simply folded in half, but actually hides the Equal. Slide the sweetened Swing Thing under a glass or salt shaker, disguised as a tip.

5TE-P ¿?NIEL - Pick up a matching Equal packet and tear it open. Leave the torn piece attached. Begin to pour some of the fake sugar out on your hand, then realize a mess is on the way. Look around then pick up the "tip."

5TE-P T- Pour about half of the contents out onto the bill. Place the opened packet right onto the bill, directly above the hidden packet (FIG. 3). Equal purists will want to orient the visible packet exactly like the hidden packet so the printing will be exactly equal during the switch.

¿TE.P TLIR.E-E. - You will now seem to turn the packet over onto the loose granules but you'll actually use the folded bill to switch the packets as follows: Reach with your right fingers to the front of the gimmick and pinch the outer long edge of both packets together with the center flap on the bill. Turn all of it over towards yourself. (Both sugars remain flush with the front edge of the flap until after the turn-over) (FIG. 4). This invisibly folds the torn packet and loose sweetener into side "B" and opens side "A" with the restored packet on top. The turned-over Equal will seem to have been in full view the entire time.

5T^P fOUGL - As the switch is completed, your right fingers slide the visible packet forward on the bill and rub it around for a moment "to absorb the loose granules" then hand the sealed sweetener to your astonished table mate.

CLLANl UP # I - If seated: Tip your left hand back and let the white stuff fall out of the bill into your lap as the restored packet is handed out. Then snap the bill open and toss it on the table. Stand over a cup of coffee before you leave.

CLE.ANI UP #2 - If standing: Hand out the restored packet and put the bill with its whole mess directly into your left pants pocket...then hose yourself off in the bathroom.

TLt Nl0 CLLAN-UP CLLAN-UP #3 - You can side-step the mess by altering the effect. Draw a tangled line onto the sugar packet then use the "magnetic strip in the bill" to rearrange the ink into your friend's name.

Nk?TE- ¿7T4JCJ2. PAOCQJS - Other sugar packets won't quite fit the gimmick. So you have to fold down the edge of the secret sugar packet so it's fully hidden. The visible torn packet must be folded similarly before the switch. Equal is easier.

PRi7FL66I^NAL PRL6LNTATI<?NI - "Want to see something really neat? Watch this."

E-FFE-CT - A dime is placed on top of a clear plastic box of Tic Tac breath mints. You press down on the coin causing it to visibly drop through the plastic and into the box with the mints. Tic Tacs are then handed out to anyone who needs one.

TICkllN^ TLlE. JAC - You need a standard box of Tic Tac mints. Take 7 or 8 mints out of the box. Eat them. (This loosens the remaining Tics.)

Drop a dime inside the box then hold the box flat so you can see it's Tic Tac covered underside (FIG. 1). Shake the box until the dime lies flat against the underside. (If the Tics aren't cooperating dump them all out, slide the dime into position, then pour the mints back into the box. If you must resort to this you have my permission to feel embarrassed.) Carefully stand the box upright and tap it down a couple of times to lock everything in place. As long as you leave it upright the dime will stay in position.

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