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Lrr^CT - (See title). PREPARATION - Cut an empty card case in half (FIG. 1).

When the prepared Jokers are turned face up, the glued pieces should be out of sight.

6E.TUP - Place the entire deck face up into the lower half of the case. Position one of the prepared Jokers (so the gaffed side is up) onto the face of the cased deck. Note that the rough edge of the end piece is inside of the case (FIG. 3).

Glue the case flap so it is permanently sealed. Obtain four Jokers and cut two of them in half. Also cut one indifferent card in half. You'll now have four pieces of Joker, two pieces of an indifferent card, and two complete Jokers. Glue one indifferent card piece face up onto the back end of each of the two Jokers. Glue two Joker pieces face up overlapping the indifferent piece on each of the complete Jokers (FIG. 2).

Place the other gaffed Joker (pieces-side up) into the deck's center with the rough end-piece outside of the case (Fig 4).

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